[so excited about our...]

I'm a big lover of pretty glamorous things so of course I'm all for that spilling over into my Christmas decorations. This year however I have a 2 1/2 year old son who is super jazzed about Christmas, so I wanted to make this year more kid/little boy friendly. To do this I've opted for a homespun, woodsy look (incorporating our paper decorations of course) that is going over very well with the whole family. I am even going with the traditional Christmas colors (a lot of red and white/candy cane colors with a little bit of pea green and even blue throw into the mix-hey, I can't be a purest). These delightful creations by etsy shop Strawberries and Cream go right along with my theme. I Love them!


  1. I wanted to comment posts ago, but life's been crazy.

    So--about the photography post

    The cool wall is in downtown Phoenix. There are a boatload of awesome photogs around. So if you're ever in town--I'm sure you can get a cool shot.

    P.S.--Love your style-_I stalk all the time. I think I got you from How about Orange or some blog like that.

  2. oh I love the little bird I'm loving that same look right now.

  3. ARe you going to share pictures of your decorated house?

  4. Aboslutely beautiful! They'll fit perfectly in my home <3