[too much fun!]

I'm so in love with this shadow box that Danille Tompson, expert photographer and blogger extraordinaire, has created (you can view her blog here). I'm excited to get back into my bright color mode now that spring is here and summer is on the horizon. I love the haunting beauty of fall but there is something about bright outrageous colors that makes me so happy.


[Ang & Jonathan]

My dearest and best friend in the world, Angela Brown, is getting married this summer and I was lucky enough to be asked to design the announcements for the wedding. Here is what I have so going so far as well as my own personal inspiration board what what I might do if I were planning her outdoor wedding.

Oh and watch for Angie and Jonathan on HGTV's "First Place" as they they will be on it. They recently finished filming and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.


[In another lifetime I would...]

...be a rockin' fashion designer
...be an pro-interior designer
...be the perfect mom
...be a fabulous best selling author
...have naturally high levels of serotonin
...enjoy cooking and would do it often
...go to maids school to learn how to clean like a pro
...be a nutrition nut who would never ingest anything toxic
...weigh 120 lbs
...be an expert gardener in touch with the earth
...play tennis
...be a dedicated runner and cyclist
...be a natural, lyrical dancer
...be an indie rock star
...enjoy yoga
...live in another era
...design furniture
...have eight children
...be an actress
...design textiles
...live in Paris and speak fluent French
...be the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker...you get the point...


[Jane Mayle]

love it.


[Renaissance Woman: Rosie Winstead]

BHG magazine pics via decor8

I'm constantly inspired by all those multi-talented/multi-faceted women out there who do so many things and do them well (particularly in the creative arts). I'm not sure if it's because I suffer an artistic identity complex and love SOO many different things involving design and want do them ALL, or what, but I've decided to devote a regular column to these renaissance women.

This week I'm spotlighting self taught illustrator, writer, flea market maven, interior decorator and most impressively, mother, Rosie Winstead. I simply adore the light and airy, whimsical nature of Rosie's work both in her children's books and in her home decorating. Her knack for piecing together favorite flea market finds is spot on and I love how her decorating sense carries over into the her playful illustrations. It's also very cool that she, like me, came from a family of 9 (yeah for big families!). I wonder at all if that contributes to her perfectly carefree, miss-matched aesthetic. In her bio "Rosie credits her own funky style to her love of flea markets and "self-invention"." I can't wait to see what's next in store for this talented mother of one.


crazy for: Chinoiserie wallcoverings

Perhaps when I feel more up to it I'll hand paint some myself. So lovely.


Day Dream Nation Spring 08

Being so in love with Day Dream Nation's theatrical forms of advertising I couldn't wait for them to release their Spring line. All in all I must say it's rather fun. You simply must watch their catwalk show.

happy birthday to me

I received a lovely gift in the mail today from my dear friend Kari Skaflen, Chicago's own style prowess and fashion writer (you can view her blog here). One of her friends who is an independent designer made the fabulous bracelet and I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks again Kari! 30 is feeling better everyday.


the big THREE "O"

Wow, today I am thirty. I woke up to 30 red roses (boy that's a lot of roses...and a lot of years...) and a lovely breakfast complete with birthday gifts from Jon and Atticus. I don't feel a whole lot different...but it is a bit sad to say goodbye to my twenties. I'm excited for the journey ahead however.

I wanted to share some of my fun gifts that i was able to get thanks to the generosity of friends and family. Thanks so much you guys! I was able to pamper myself with my current favorite scent, Vera Wang Princess and a palette from my favorite brand of eyeshadow, Stila. What fun.


pregnancy cravings

I don't know as I'd call these "cravings" so much as "tolerances". The above items are just about the only thing I can stomach right now. I also have a weird condition (that I blame on my extremely visual mind) where I can't tolerate certain things that I see. For example, for some crazy reason, the following make me queasy to even think about, let alone look at.

1. Elmo (poor Atticus. We have a ban in our home until further notice)
2. Some of my favorite design blogs. I know, weird and terribly sad.
3. Design mags (are you starting to get a feeling for why my blog has been a bit neglected as of late.)
4. sometimes blogging in general
5. All food commercials and billboards
6. The smell of Knoxville (go figure)
7. Most of my clothing
8. My house
9. My office

....OK, I need a vacation on the beach where all I can smell is saltwater and all day long I eat crackers and peanut butter...ahh...

Don't worry folks. I'm in my third month so this should all be over soon and my blog should be much more inspiring. Hang in there with me.