[Christmas book]

There is nothing like cuddling up with a steamy mug of hot chocolate to a great Christmas story. My mother-in-law has a tradition where she gets a new Christmas picture book each year. I think I'm going to start that same tradition this year for my family starting with this lovely book Silent Night by Sandy Turner. The delicate line art is so wonderful and there are no words so you can have fun exploring the story in many different ways. I'd love to get a print of this Santa for my Christmas decor, I love it so much.


  1. What a great little book! I too collect Christmas stories for the little ones, and this is definitely going to be added to the collection. Thanks!

  2. I love that Santa too! I recently bought some art work (it's a miracle) with the big body, small head like that santa illustration. i love it!

  3. Beautiful illustration. I'm a big Santa fan and I'm going to keep and eye out for this book on my travels. Happy Holidays.