[ahh, the joy of...]

I do love a good thrift outing, don't you? I mean how great is this hand lettered Mildred mug that I found at a local thrift store? (There was an "Orna" mug as well but I opted for just this one). I love thinking about who might have spent time creating this. I wonder who Mildred is. What is she like? Where is she now?
I also had some luck in the clothing department. My closet needed more staple skirts and I love these. At four dollars a piece, I have no regrets.
I've found that there is something creative about scouring racks and bins for just the right treasure that speaks to you...You have to trust yourself enough to bring it home and give it new life. It takes an element of risk...even a slight rush is involved. I love it.


[petit fours and...]

I'm just a little obsessed with tea parties (I only mention them here, here, here and here) and with spring in the air the bug is back and I'm finally committing to throwing one of my own. I've also had a bit of post party blues (you know, like you get after you take all the Christmas decorations down) now that the Neverland party has come to a close, Easter is over, and the fourth of July is just too, too far away. The wheels in my head have been spinning for some time now concerning a pretty rockin' tea party and when I saw these lovely plates while out antiquing this weekend, light bulbs burst and ideas started stewing. Plans are in the works ladies and gents. Plans are in the works.

*and yes, I did purchase these.



I love it when brilliant people do brilliant things...and then they let you in on how to do it yourself. This DIY chevron pattern from Sunset magazine, originally found on Kelly+Olive, is just such an example. Will be doing this, of that I assure you.

[three cheers for three friends!]

I'm adjusting to Southern Cali alright...the beach is wonderful...the winters mild...etc., etc....but I feel a piece of my heart will always reside in New York City, or Brooklyn to be more specific. This is for a lot of reasons but high on the list is the number of wonderful and talented individuals I was able to call my friends. Mara, one of the ladies behind the new and fabulous clothing line, Harvey Faircloth, is just one of those darling souls. I have also met Abby, a talent to be sure, and though I have not yet met Katie, the third visionary and creatice behind the line, evidence shows she's just as inspiring and lovely as the others. Way to go girls! I'm highly anticipating seeing one of your garments in my closet some day soon.


[lounge around in...]

I love how comfortable yet stylish these looks by Lamixx are. I've had my eye on the women's check mate slanted bow top for a few days...really want it. And the models hair, so cute! (those bad spring wheels of change are spinning...must. stop. now.)


[Now up and running!!]

I have a super fun announcement for you all! I've finally opened the doors of my new shop!!! Whew. It's been a long journey of back and forth, indecision and even some reservation but I'm now proud to announce my Tuesday Mourning shop, which currently carries prints of my work and will very soon offer originals as well custom portrait drawings and paintings. For now the selection is very small but if you see something of mine that you want but that is not in the shop, just email me or send me a note via Etsy, and I'll see if I can make a print of it for you. I would also love to get your feedback as to what more in general you would like to see in the shop. I hope you enjoy. XO


[daffodils and daring do's...telltale]

when Jon and little A come home from Trader Joe's with daffodils...and I get the itching to do something dramatic with my hair, it's a sure sign of spring.

Is there anything that you find yourself needing to change come spring?

*(I actually have bangs...that I'm still trying to figure out)


[love, love, LOVE this post by...]

This post on family photos by Garance Doré is wonderful. I especially love the part about making up your own family myths, such as your grandmother being the most beautiful woman in the town. Thank you Garance! I'm off to scour my own family photos and to start my own little seeds of magical myths.



I'm very much into these looks from Eternal Child's spring/summer collection. Soft, with just the right amount of detailing while still being simple.


[an up to the last minute...]

April 11:

10 AM: begin sewing pants for little A's Easter ensemble.

2 PM: realize I need a zipper. Run to fabric store with both boys (can't fit A into cart with little O's car seat...so he walks...a disaster waiting to happen)...(Jon is at a film shoot).

3 PM: stop off at Target for last minute Easter candy. Scour the isles as for anything decent but find that everything is cleaned out (was harder to find a parking place than on Christmas Eve).

4:30 PM: go over to Costco to purchase fixings for an Easter dinner salad. Grab a couple of hot dogs for A and I on the way out.

5:00 PM: head home.

8:00 PM: put little A to bed.

9:00 PM: work on helping baby O feel comfortable whilst teething.

10:00 PM: baby O finally falls asleep. Boil eggs while getting back to work on little A's pants.

11:30 PM: finish A's pants.

Midnight: start baby O's jumper.

1:00 AM: crash.


April 12, Easter Day:

9:00 AM: dress little A for church. find out his pants are too large...but too darling to take off (didn't I try them on him last night?).

9:30 AM: back to work on finishing up baby O's jumper. Finish everything but the buttons....so I safety pin them on for the time being.

10: 55 AM: pile in the car and head to church.

11: 10 AM: walking into chapel, late, little A's yells "Mom, my pants are falling down!". Scoop up little A who's pants are down to his knees, and head to the back of the chapel.

12:00 PM: relax and enjoy remembering the reason for Easter.


2:00 PM: race home from church. Jon dyes eggs with little A while I spray paint Easter pails with black chalkboard paint.

3:00 PM: paint wooden staking dolls in different colors (which are to be our "plastic egg" containers for candy and bunny grahams).

4:00 PM: Easter supper at Uncle Doug's.

5:00 PM: race home. paint bunny and chick on pails. paint bunny faces onto stacking dolls. Jon hides eggs.
5:30 PM: call out little A for the hunt. Pictures, pictures, pictures...

7:00 PM: done. phew. relax.

8:00 PM: Googgle chat with grandma and grandpa.

9:00 PM: boys to bed

10:00 PM: watch episodes of the Office with Jon.

2:00 AM: stay up way to late blogging about day.

2:30 AM: crash.


[anticipating a lovely...]

I'm looking forward to a lovely Easter weekend that will (if all goes as planned) be filled with sewing new duds for the littles (no i haven't started...ambitious I know...but I'm determined), possibly making homemade peeps and other Easter treats (living on a budget has greatly improved my domestic endeavors...meaning I actually cook every now and again) kid-friendly crafts, eating delicious meals and watching darling children search for hidden eggs. It sounds heavenly and I can't wait.

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy Easter.

link: adorable rabbit paper doll by Enna



If you are going to do chains and ribbon...this is they way to do it. Gorgeous.


[weekend update]

Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes! It really helped to make the weekend great. I wanted to give you a brief update on how lovely my birthday was (even if I am a year over thirty...). I received a fantastically wrapped gift form my two little boys with an illustration on it by my very favorite three year old (is he incredible or what?!). In it was the book My First, by Eva Montanari, which is so beautifully illustrated and loads of fun. I also received some Harajuku Lovers perfume wrapped so lovingly by my husband who obviously knows I love craft paper and ribbons (his interpretation had me laughing out loud...in a delightful way). Other fun items such as head bands and fun shirts (that just happen to match my spring palette) presented themselves as well. Jon also made some fabulous French bakery type bread that day which was just perfect.
And of course...the mega gift...a day (which turned into spurts of hours over an entire weekend) of sewing and painting. The above items are still a work in progress (I have some puckering issues with the dress collar that I need to work out and more painting to do) but I'm happy with the time I had to spend on these projects and can't wait to finish them up. A girl couldn't ask for more.

Thank you again to all who made my day so splendid!


[art fix]

I've been enjoying the work of Color Field painters as of late and this particular painting by Kenneth Noland really captures me. Wouldn't this make a great quilt? I'd even hand paint the pink as it washes out...


[gearing up for my birthday]

This Sunday, April 5th, I turn 31 (wow!). The only thing I wanted this year was an entire day to sew and to paint. Tomorrow, Friday, is that day for me. I'm SO excited. The only problem is that I have a great deal of sewing and painting ideas...I just have to narrow them down so that I can actually be productive. Can't wait. I purchased these fabrics yesterday in hopes of creating something scrumptious. If all goes well I'll have lovely things to show you after the weekend.

Birthdays are so much fun!


[color cues]

I love these colors together. The feel so fresh and spring like.

links: inspiring interior from Real Living Magazine, found via decor8; invite from Martha Stewart Weddings; spring ensemble from Stewart+Brown