[elevate the every day with these...]

I know it's getting close to last minute, but I love how these great gifts elevate the every day.
1. to go cup
2. welcome dawn slippers by anthropologie
3. soup and sandwich tray (I am such a fan of tomato soup and grilled cheese when it's cold, and this set is great for that)
4. the diana camera
5. Mrs. Meyer's peppermint cleaning kit (I have this and I LOVE it. I clean so much more because of it!)


  1. would love the to go cup as a last minute gift :)....(love the look of the day today, too)

  2. I have the soap too! Only I have lavender scent and washing dishes with it is almost aroma therapy calming, very calming.

  3. I love the to go cup and the soup and sandwich set is perfect! I am also a HUGE fan of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I have them way too much when winter hits. And anything Mrs. Meyers is amazing- I can only imagine how great this scent is. Great picks!