Sketch of the Day

I did these girls on a couple of post-it's that were lying around on my desk.


Sketch of the Day

I typically do a number of sketches and doodles throughout the day while I'm working, talking on the phone, etc. Jon made a good suggestion that I start a "doodle file" where I drop all of my sketches instead of just pitching them at the end of the day. I then thought I could post some of them. I can't promise that I will have one every day, but I will try to keep it fresh and interesting. Enjoy!


Big Art Show coming to Knoxville

Hello all. I will be showing some work in the upcoming Big Art Show (a traveling art show of sorts that is coming to Knoxville). It will be on March 9 starting at 7pm for any of you in the area (Flyer shown here).

I'm trying to decide what to show or what I could create in the short time I have before the show. I'm growing more fond of simple pencil works on paper similar to the image I did of the girl in the frame above. Let me know if you like this direction or if you think I should stick to painting. Thanks.

These Boots Were Made for Merrilee to Walk in

TGIF! So my "Robin Hood" boots, as I like to call them, arrived today! I'm super excited. I've been wanting slouch boots ever since Carianne game me my amazing riding boot for Christmas (which I wear ALL the time and Jon loves!). I know that spring is just around that corner but I found these on sale at onlineshoes.com (they are having a big sale, buy one, get on 25% off) so I couldn't resist. I absolutely love the back zipper with the dangling leather fringe.

Jon and I are cracking down on our budget this year so I have been trying to just get just one main item for my clothing budget a month rather than buying a bunch of lower quality items that add up. These boots were my February item. I'm hoping that with this new venture I will have a closet full of nice, quality items at the end of the year instead of a bunch of stuff I would throw away because they were falling apart. Next month I'm looking at this Anthropologie dress. I love the back ribbon detail. We'll see...

Short Story

I did these illustrations for an educational magazine through Steve Curtis Design. I was thinking of entering the first illustration (the one on the left hand side) into the upcoming Communication Arts illustration annual contest but wanted opinions. I have more work at www.shannonassociates.com (go under talent and select Tuesday Mourning) and if you see anything else here that you think I should enter, please let me know. Thanks!


Danziger books

So all of my Danziger covers are out on the shelves and it's very exciting. You can find them online as well at www.amazon.com and www.bn.com. I love this author and I would like to continue to get more cover illustration work in classic young girls literature. So much of it really resonates with me. I like how the heroins are very real with flaws - still innocent yet capable. They often go on a journey, touching on what it really is like to be a 8-13 yr old girl - somewhat insecure, curious about the world, still naive, but trudge through the thickness, coming out in the end as very beautiful, perceptive girls on the cusp of womanhood. I really think it's a beautiful time in a girls life.

Jennifer Taylor

I saw this illustration by Jennifer Taylor in the Romantic Homes March 07 issue and loved it (the article was fun too). You can see more work on her website at www.paperdogstudio.com. I'd like to see more of her wide eyed, eclectic collage artworks. I love the melancholy and romantic nature to her work.

Living Etc. Frames

I found these shadow boxes from Living Etc. (one of my new favorite British home magazines). I love them but would have to purchase them from overseas. If anyone knows of any for sale here in the states, I'd love to hear of them.

My fabulouse sister-in-law, Karen, also gave me the heads up on this book "Box Frame Magic" and I'm excited to check it out.

for the love of shadow boxes

I love these shadow box art peices. They are so beautifully and simply done. I'm working on incorporating 3-D objects into some of my artwork for upcoming shows and I'm inspired by what these artists have done. I have had these pics on file for inspiration for some time so I unfortunately don't have the names artists or their links currently. I will do some research however and post links when I have them.



I've been trying to wear my "Merrilee" Fluevog's more these days but am running out of ideas of what to wear them with. I may have designed them but I can't seem to get much more creative than skinny pants or tights such as the girl in the ad is wearing. Any ideas? Please send pics if you can. Thanks!


my newsie boy

Atticus finally fits his adorable newsie hat that Eric and Julie Elton gave to him! He's so cute in it. Lately he has been crawling around like a mad little animal and climbing up on everything he can. I can't believe tomorrow he'll be 11 months! And then in a month he'll be a year! Where did the time go? If anyone has any cute ideas for his 1 yr old party, I'd love to hear them!

jon's v-day gift

I wanted to post the v-day gift I made for Jon this year. I had so much fun working on this. I'm super big into shadow boxes as of late and wanted to play around with creating an art collage piece. It only inspired me to create many many more!

etta doll

meet etta. my latest doll I've created for Julie Elton's little girl (who is on the way). I had so much fun working on this! I still have to improve some of my sewing know how but this was a great project to get things turning again. hope you like her!

Let the blogging begin...

Ok friends and family alike. I felt it was high time I joing the blogging frenzy and create a blog of my own, Mer Mag. Here you will be able to see updates of all things going on in my life from my family (husband Jon Liddiard and son Atticus) to illustration, fine art, craft projects, fashion, and just things I love and really want to share with you! I hope you enjoy and visit often.