[having trouble with...]

Our little South Pasadena home is apparently hot real estate in the skunk world. We have been dealing with these troublesome critters ever since we moved in and it's been especially bad lately...not a fun thing for the Holidays, let me tell you. We were happy to wake up this morning to see a foul smelling friend caught in the cage set for him. We rejoiced and celebrated thinking that we could breathe easy again...well, not two hours later....POOF! we have another sitter. Ugh...I'd be happy to replace the rascal with one of these darling (and so wonderfully scentless) creations:

1. Amigurumi skunk pattern
2. Sammy as Skunk - Peggie
3. Mrs. Skunk home body, print
4. 2009 letter press calendar
5. the disgruntled skunk
6. beckett the skunk hand felted holiday ornament


  1. that's horrible! They are pretty cute though. Don't feel bad, a racoon hides out in our attic during storms and for the first year in our house I thought we had a ghost.
    so I see you've seen anthropologies new web site. I love it like crazy. The photography, the wire shapes, the clothes. why do I have to love expensive things?

  2. yikes! what do you do with them when you catch them? call the animal catcher?
    does your house smell???

  3. Oh Mer,
    You gotta get yourself a skunk ornament to keep and forever have a smile to remember the stinky holidays this year!!!