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Join me and our friend "Little J" over at the Crafty Crow today for the marvelous "Book and a Craft" series. I decided this was a great excuse to do something for the little girls out there (I mean, c'mon when was the last time I got to indulge my inner ballerina?) so we channeled Degas, Eva Montanari and ballet. Does it get any better than that?

Check it out here.

And as of today, school is officially out for the summer! Can you even believe it? Do you have any great summer plans in store? I'd love to hear them.


[lemon squares and...]


We had a marvelous weekend. It started off on Friday with a fantastic benefit held in miss Davy Jean's honor. I can't begin to describe what a special night it was. Truly amazing people working together to do something even more amazing for this special little girl. And can I just say that Ruthy is one of my new BFF's? She's seriously as great as she comes off on her blog.

Then on Saturday Jon and I spent the day, with the kiddos, at the LACMA visiting the fabulous Tim Burton exibit. Needless to say it was fantastic (it's a little frightening for kids however...no surprise there...so we did a run through each on our own to really soak it all in).

And then on Sunday we enjoyed being homebodies with a little lemon square making and some freezer paper stenciling.
I had a few tee shirts of Little A's that I've wanted to spice up for a while so I had Little A start out with a simple, imperfect, pattern of triangles in yellow.
He really enjoyed working on this. I love seeing how his concentration increases as he gets older. He was very into this craft and loved seeing it come together.

His favorite part was choosing where to put the two random black triangles. He really got into that little element of surprise.
So like a said a great day. A great weekend.

And if you are interested in doing freezer paper stencils yourself, you can find a fab tutorial here.

What did you do over the weekend? Anything fab, indulgent or crafty with the family? Do tell.