[jon's Christmas...]

I asked my husband Jon to put together his dream wish list to share with all of us in hopes that it might help us out with gift giving for the guys in our lives. He's pretty techy (more so than even I realized...glad I asked for a list :)). Here is the breakdown from Jon:

1. Who doesn't need a great pair of boots for the winter months, and with
Fluevog, you can't go wrong.

2. Nikon D90- Digital SLR camera and HD Video recorder. Um... yes... need... now.

3. Who says that Dad's family car can't be AWESOME?!

4. I have all my music on my computer and my iPod, but I want to enjoy
that music on more than just my portable speakers. Enter the Airport
from Apple. Plug it into an outlet near your home stereo,
connect an audio cable, and stream music over your wireless network to
your home stereo. If you have an Airport Extreme already installed,
it'll automatically recognize the network. Select which speakers to
use in iTunes, and stream away. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch,
you can use it as a remote control.

5. Friends or family, feel free to buy me an Abacus watch. The watch features just one
"hand"-- a free rolling ball. Hold the watch horizontal, and the ball
rolls automatically to the current hour.

6. I've become entranced by electronic instruments. New platforms for
software and interactive hardware make making music awesome! KORG
is software for your Nintendo DS. Out now for around 37$.

7. I love watching movies. I'm also a father and I'm becoming more and
more conscious of how our home environment affects and influences not
only myself, but my family. I'm excited about the ClearPlay DVD player. It'll
skip the objectionable stuff on the fly and you can customize the edits.

8. The Netflix player allows you to stream 12,000 of their titles over
your home wireless network. 100$ for the box, and their lowest monthly
subscription and you're in business!


  1. Jon I'm really liking 7 and 8 on your list! I want clear play and I love net flix!

  2. Jon,
    get an x-box and an x-box (find one cheap on e-bay)live subscription (50$) a year, and you can stream all the netflix you want whenever you want and as many as you want. We're dropping comcast on demand on it's butt because streaming throuth the x-box is so very cool.

  3. I looove that watch. And a word about the clearplay DVD player--it does a good job editing, but as a DVD player it's kinda crappy. Mine is a couple years old, so hopefully they've improved them by now.