Romantic Homes - Paris Style

I want this sofa! Lose the dead cat and this room would be perfect!

I'd take this room above exactly as is. C'est Magnifique

The April 07 issue of Romantic Homes was all about Paris. They had some great stuff. I love a lot of the elements of Parisian style but it's not 100% me. I would mix it up and make it much more eclectic and a little less stuffy. Things I do love and want to take from this style:
1. Antique portraiture
2. White bust statues (I really want to find one of Shakespeare for Jon)
3. Baroque elements - crown molding, frames, furniture, etc. (I like it when these are re-interpreted in a modern, eclectic way, but the vintage feel is also great)
3. Louis XV Arm Chairs (these are a great classic. I like it when they are mixed with an unexpected fabric).
4. Basically all Parisian furniture so long as it's not too over done with gold embellishments. These formal sofas are to die for!


Parisian Decor

I love these Parisian influenced interiors incorporating antique portraiture.

Around Paris with Kids

I just got this little pocket book Around Paris with Kids from Barnes and Noble. I'm excited to check out what there is to do that Atticus would enjoy. I hear that Parisian's love babies. I had a friend who took their 6 month old to Paris and it was their ticket into everything. Everyone just went nuts over their little boy and couldn't get enough of him. They said it was like getting celebrity treatment. We'll see how it goes with Atticus.

Paris Shopping Guides

These are some guides that caught my eye, might have to check them out.

Independent London / Store Guide

I just ordered this book the Independent London/Store Guide and I'm so excited. I can't wait to scour London for all their great and obscure (well until this book that is) boutique shopping. I wish there was something like this for Paris. Anyone who knows anything about it, give a shout!


Mia Bossi

Here is another bag that is actually a diaper bag with a lap top insert by Mia Bossi. I'm liking this look but not sure I really want it to be a "diaper bag" as Atticus is 1 now. All you vetern moms, what do you think? Which color combo do you like best?

it's all in the details...

sad day...After showing Jon my "incredible find" last night, he was skeptical (as was I at first but too star struck to give in). We then proceeded to find out that the bag on Bag Addiction was not the original YSL Downtown bag but, sigh, a knock-off. I knew it had to be too good to be true. Comparing them side by side you can see that the hardware is different, the handle much longer, the patent sheen too shiny and the overall bag too short. So sad...and I was so excited. The knock-off is still cute, but I'd rather have an original from an independent designer for the same price, or go to China Town and get an even lower priced knock-off for around $20-$40. (insert sad tear here).


bag craving

Ok, but I just had a series of heart palpitations. I just found this incredible Yves Saint Laurent Downtown bag (seen here in white on the spring 2006 runway) online at the Bag Addiction (very fitting don't you think ;) ) for a fraction of the regular retail price! I first laid eyes on it while playing the bag-o-rama game at bluefly.com (throw a virtual dart at a bag to try and win it) and then in the April 07 issue of Allure. I loved it immediately. I have been looking for a bag to take to Paris. After the several plane trips I've taken I know that really need a travel bag that can be both diaper bag/purse/carry-all that I can take on board with me (and ideally stow under the seat). I want this to be the same bag that I then carry with me around town (I'm pretty picking about not having to take my personal belongings (wallet, keys, ipod, etc.) in and out of bags to travel and it's not sensible for me to carry a smaller bag that can fit in a tote because getting off the plane I'll just need the larger one again for Atticus' diapers, bottles, etc. So, I want a two in one and I'm hoping this just might do the trick. I'm thinking this has my 29th birthday written all over it :). I'm trying to decide between patten leather black or brown. Thoughts? I do have a lot of black bags already...but it is a classic color...

antique portraiture

I was recently on Trocadero, "the essential to buying & selling fine antiques and art online", and saw these lovely portraits for sale. I'm very much interested in portraiture right now (actually if I think about it, I've always been) and want to invest in some antiques some time in my life. Which do you like best?


li'l sophie

Li'l Sophie, yet a 3rd illustration personality of mine, is up on the Kid Shannon web site (Shannon Associates children's site). There isn't much up there yet but stay tuned as I'm planning on expanding her portfolio. She could be French, don't you think? We'll call her Le Petite Sophie in honor of our Paris trip.



MilK is an adorable French children's magazine that I will have to pick up while in Paris. I can't wait to raid their magazine stands!

Adolie Day

I can't think of anyone better to start off my pre-Parisian tour with than French illustrator Adolie Day. Her adorable girls are the embodiment of Parisian chic. They are cute, fashionable, unique and don't take themselves too seriously. C'est tres magnifique!

"Paris is always a good idea"

So says Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, and so say I. That is why Jon, Atticus and I are going! That's right, at the end of May we are going to be in Paris for 7 days. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. We will spend a few days in London where I will stock up on some much needed Brit inspiration, then it's off to Paris where we will tour, dine, dream and absorb the fabulous Parisian culture. I have just two words for you, "Champs E'lysee."

So in the upcoming weeks you will be seeing a lot of French and British influence on my blog. Please if any of you have any thoughts of where to go, what to do and most importantly, whre to shop and what to buy ;), please do send them along!

Built by Wendy

I want to sew, sew, sew! I just got back from a close-out sale at Hancock Fabrics who is closing their doors for good. They have marked everything down in the entire store so I purchased some patterns and material and now all I want to do is sew, sew, sew! I don't have any time though...ugh...

my favorite purchase is a pattern by Built by Wendy and I can't wait to play with it. I like the illustration look she has going on here as well. I have often thought of submitting my Raven girls to pattern companies. I definitely want to get more patterns "Built by Wendy".

I also purchased this easy chic pattern that I really like (it's geared to fall in the pic but I think I make it spring).

And for those of you who are asking "but can Merrilee sew?". Well I'll have you know, I took my first official sewing class last month and made Amy Butler wide leg lounge pants (a pic from her book shown here) and I'm loving them. I definitely have the sewing bug now. It was so much fun!


beautiful books

Atticus and I took a library trip recently and I found this beautiful book "The Mitten" illustrated by Yaroslava.I love the line work and simple flat colors. It reminds me a bit of one of my favorite books, "When You Were Small", written by Sara O'Leary and illustrated by Julie Morstad. The little boy makes me think of Atticus and Jon and I love to read this to him.

love it!

How great is this Miu Miu shoe for fall 2007. It would go along so well with my shoe don't you think?


and a few more...

Donna Karen, Hammish More and Hoss Intropia also had some great shapes and draping.


Marni also had a great sporty take on this cacoon shape. Love it!