[Happy Halloween!]

I couldn't let my all time favorite holiday pass by without sharing some spookies with you all.


[meet little...]

oct. 21st, 7 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches


[Now officially on...]

I'm going in early tomorrow morning to have my second little boy so I'll be away from the blog for while. For those of you wondering "wasn't she due on Oct. 31st?", here's the short and sweet of it. My first son was 8 lbs 9 oz and being as second children are often larger (especially if it's a boy again) my Dr. thought it best we induce delivery for this little guy sooner than later. I wasn't about to complain. So...I'm off...and will catch up with you all again, with one new addition to the family.

[photos from here and here]


[suddenly in the sporty mood]

OK but these new Stella McCartney designs for Adidas have me in a sporty mood (which is good I guess as I'll be needing to work off the baby weight pretty soon here). I've been wanting to take up tennis...and I'm thinking Stella could really be an asset for me on the court.

[she IS a maniac]

My good friend Cally, of the fabulous blog calico, is hosting a maniacal giveaway. Get on over to her blog and put in a comment for a chance to win these 3 fabulous goodies (and yes, I guess she's keeping the fourth little angel all to herself). Go now, quick. Scoot.

[Wednesday I had a...]

Wednesday was such an exciting mail day! I received a completed quilt in the mail that my mother-in-law has been helping me quilt for the new baby. She was so generous to offer up her hand quilting skills after I confessed I knew only how to pick out fabric and sew patches together. Quilting is something I had never done before. I came up with the quilting patterns and even did a few of the stitches myself but she really did the labor intensive stuff and I couldn't be more thankful. What a wonderful gift for my little Ollie on the way. Thank you Mary! It's absolutely exquisite.


[and here's...]

I just had to throw into the mix.


[color love]

Well, if it isn't already obvious by my overall blog look, I'm currently obsessed with the color combination of coral pink and gray. So lovely. So perfect. So what I'm into right now. I'm particularly smitten with the top left living room design. I'd love to re-create this...it just calls to me.


[recession chic]

Times being what they are I'm having to really look at what I already own or shop at highly discounted vintage/thrift stores for my home decorating. I love how this Sweet Paul set up, for Country Living, is so beautiful and shows the potential to reuse things you might already have. I'm all over the vintage-novel wallpaper effect. I also love how well this goes with my 2008 theme...got to love how inspired that was.

[got to love this styling]

loving the styling, photography and fashion of bea szenfeld.

[masquerade tea party]

Thanks to these haunting photos by oladios I so want to have a masquerade tea party. Wouldn't that be a great theme for a Halloween party?


[just have to share]

I have created another digital paper doll and this time in honor of Halloween. Click here to help Ellery decide what to wear for Halloween. It's so much fun and your little ones should enjoy it as well!


[gorgeous wedding, amazing photography]

These pics are from a while back (July 17th to be exact) and are from my best friend's wedding where I was the matron of honor (that's me at the end, the pregnant blondie walking with the best man, the grooms brother and photographer extraordinaire, Jared Wilson). I recently saw these photos for the first time on Jared's blog and had to share (Jared is the one who took Jon's head shots and we are big fans). The wedding was beautiful, the bride stunning...an all around perfect event.


[this makes me happy]

I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm a huge fan of hot chocolate in the winter and I love the idea of drinking it out of a reusable porcelain to go cup with a silicone lid, designed by James Burgess. What a fabulous idea. I'm always up for anything that takes something ordinary and makes it exquisite...and for only $20...perfect.

[this year for halloween I want to be a...]

I love the styling for this Free People jumper. Just looking at it makes me want to go as a boho witch for Halloween. How fun would that be? Of course I'm pregnant and scheduled to give birth soon...but maybe I can still pull it off...I mean I do already have the shoes.

1. Free People jumper
2. knitted witch hat
3. Free People tights
4, bee engraving pendant necklace
5. onyx cocktail ring
6. flourish ring in amber
7. merrilee fluevog shoes
8. steampunk large clock hand earrings
9. gray poppy broach pin
10. 1940's vintage handbag
11. test tube party favors (I'd carry these in my satchel and hand them out to unsuspecting victims)


[ahh, to sleep..]

These lovely paintings by Laura Smith make me yearn for peaceful sleep. Being in my ninth month of pregnancy I haven't been sleeping too well...and as all new moms know, I won't be getting any more sleep after the baby comes (in fact it will be less...I'm sure of it). Please, all of you who can sleep soundly and peacefully, take a few extra moments to enjoy it...for me...and the rest of us who won't be sleeping until our children are grown (well OK, until they are older at least).


[gorgeous ceramics]

I was browsing Design Sponge today and couldn't get past just how lovely these Caroline Swift ceramics are. I am head over heels for the bone china spoons. I would love to have an entire set of these.


[bird sculptures]

I'm loving how elegant and intricate these are.

[loving this]

but with two little ones...not thinking this is so practical. too bad. just have to go with one of these I think.


[Sunday best]

I've been on the hunt for Sunday/church appropriate clothing for my little 2.5 yr old boy and have had something very specific in mind. I couldn't really find anything that captured what I was looking for (and I've been everywhere) until I found the sophisticated yet adorable line neige. These pictures really capture what I'm going for (their little girl clothing is to die for as well). The prices are a bit too high for me but I've found a few sites that sell their clothing on sale. I also think I could sew some stuff like this...if I can ever find the time.




When I close my eyes and dream of living in different time and place, it often looks like this. (yet here I am in sunny So Cal enduring 100 degree weather on the first day of October...sigh)


[loving the work of...]

Wonderful colors, and adorable girls. View more of her work here.

[great IKEA makeover]

On my hunt for a rocker I came across this fabulous makeover of the IKEA lillberg rocking chair. Can you believe how great it looks in the after shot? I'm seriously inspired (and now with IKEA just 20 min away I'm set). The price is right...I'm just worried about comfort when it comes to the arms of the rocker...What are your experiences and or requirements when it comes to the perfect baby rocking chair?