[a heartfelt...]


I once again have to say a BIG thanks for your lovely generosity and kind hearts in reaching out to little Davy and her lovely family. Together we have raised over $2000 for this incredible little girl and I couldn't be happier. The BOGO offer is officially over but, as I mentioned, the print proceeds will continue to go to the Schultz family.

Every time I look up at our framed Lovely, Love artwork a smile comes to my face. It already held such a special place in my heart for my own family, but now there is even more love associated with it. And that is thanks to all of you.

Thank you for being so lovely.



[a lovely outpouring of...]


I can't even begin to tell all of you lovely readers what a wonderful opportunity it's been to be in the middle of such an outpouring of love for darling Davy Jean and her family. You guys are the BEST! We've raised over $1000 and that's just in the first three days! I've heard from Ruth and she mentioned that they are now able pay an ambulance bill that they have since May of last year. Way to go you guys!

You have the rest of today and tomorrow for the bogo offer but these print proceeds will continue to go towards this special family, so the Lovely, Love never stops!

And as you can see from this incredible stack of Lovely Love orders (which are x'2 as per the sale), that I'll be busy working away on getting all of you fantastic people your lovely prints. It's just me chugging away at these orders, so I appreciate your patience. I promise to get them out in as timely a manner as possible.

And thanks again for letting me see your lovely hearts. Your generosity, warmth, kind comments and excitement about helping this inspiring family has really made my week. Thank you all for your Lovely Loveliness.


Oh and a big thanks for HGTV:Design Happens, Odeedoh, Gabba Friends, and many others for their help in spreading the lovely word around!

*image of Davy courtesy of the mom.


[spreading the Lovely, Love around...]


I wanted to start Valentines Day off with a lovely, love story and a new print in my shop to go along with it.

About a week ago I got an email from Ruth Schultz, wife of Scott Schultz - the creator of a little known kids show you might have heard of....Yo Gabba Gabba. Ruth had seen my Lovely, Love My Family paper heart cut out I had made for Jon for Christmas and wanted to purchase a print of it for her husband's office. Needless to say I was completely flattered and more than happy to accommodate.

In fact, her request inspired me to take it further and offer several Lovely, Love prints in various colors in my etsy shop.

After hearing from Ruth I later came across this beautiful story about her, her family and more specifically her lovely daughter, Davy. Darling Davy was born with a cleft lip and palate, congenital heart defects and several other conditions. From there I went on to read more about this amazing mother/daughter team on Ruth's own blog, the mom.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with little Davy and her talented, humorous, gorgeous, and incredibly strong mother, Ruth. Her blog tells the story of Davy's growth, trials and triumphs and is filled with hope amidst weariness, and happiness amidst adversity...all while being shared in Ruth's transparent, down to earth, day-in-the-life-of writing style.

Ruth is also a mother to three happy, healthy, hyper and hilarious boys, Max, Oliver and Harper. Just about every post concerning these little guys makes me smile with familiarity (and I think I've even spotted one or two or all three of them on our favorite little show ;)). Needless to say, Ruth's a busy woman.

After catching up on Ruth and Davy, I knew right away that these Lovely, Love prints had to be for them. It just felt right. So I have decided that the proceeds from all of the Lovely, Love prints in my shop will go to Davy and her family for things such as hospital, medical, and doctor bills, medications, supplies, etc. (something I've since learned that they are always in need of, despite the success of the show). And to kick it off, I've decided to start spreading the love around by offering ONE FREE PRINT with every LOVELY, LOVE print purchase...all week long!! Just indicate which print you want for free in the comment section at check out and I'll be sure to mail them both off to you.
A very Happy Valentines day to all of you!! And get on over to the shop, and start your week off right by sharing a little love.



(all Ruth and Davy photos courtesy of the mom)

***And there are more prints now back in the shop! So sorry, I wasn't up to speed on things when Odeedoh posted about this, but now there should be plenty...so keep on spreading the love!