[take a snooze in..]

Jon (husband) found this and made me promise to post it. I love it, and him...so I said yes.

Happy, snoozing, eating, camping or whatever else you have planned for the weekend...just don't get eaten by any bears...unless it's this one.


[I'll be dreaming about...]

over the weekend. How about you?

explore more of Michelle Morgan Harrison's designs here.

happy weekend!

[late February in Cali means...]

and as much as I love chilly weather...I'm not complaining (probably because there is a nice Spring breeze...lovely).

scrumptious sandals found here.


I would love a print of this. It's simply gorgeous. See more of Debi Treloar's photography work here. Originally found here.


[picture perfect]

I love this picture of Russian model Natalia and her two boys. Who says that boys can't wear pink pajamas? I think they are just darling. And of course I'm smitten with Natalia's look. Picture perfect.


[art fix]

have you ever loved something so much it hurt? Besides your children that is? Well my chest got all tight and painful when I say this image, pink knight, by Jamie Shelman. wow.
this is another great one.


[my clothes would look better on these]

don't you think?
by stella design.


loving this ethereal picture by Stefania Paparelli.


for your weekend. by Penelope Dullaghan

[great bags]

love these bags by white capri.


[wanting to make this]

I've been working on the ABC's with little A and have been wanting to sew some sort of ABC chart. When I came across this photo over at black eiffel, I knew I'd struck gold. Love the consonants and vowels pockets. So cute!

[isn't this...]

I'm a hard core paper doll fan so when I saw this in the latest issue of small magazine my heart went all a flutter.

[fawn & forest]

so adorable, this is.


[this needs to...]

I'm not sure my life if complete with out it, or any of these really..


[art fix]

find her work here and here.


[last minute]

Hello friends. Sorry this is so last minute and so late in the day but we are all rather sick over here (I managed to get the flu bug...ugh).

Just click on the above pic and then right click to download the labels. Enjoy and Happy Valentines!


[downloade this adorable...]

from here and give your sweetie a Sweetie.

[I'm thinking...]

What I wouldn't give to kick my feet up and be pampered at this lovely salon designed by Michael Habachy. Care to join me?



Do you keep a journal? I mean really keep a journal, not of the blog variety? I was an avid journal keeper in the tween to teen years but some how dropped the ball as I have grown older (no more dramatic boy crush stories I guess). Oh how I wish I could steal some time to curl up in a corner and create a lovely art journal such as these by Sarah Blank Studios or a super special Valentine envelope book such as the one by Oh, Hello Friend.

My littles are sick right now (poor dears)...so that won't be happening any time soon...but some day.

[preserve them]

I love this adorable way of preserving your little ones hands "prints". I must do it for my little guys.


[now that's what I call...]

two more beauties I might just have to add to the pillow love nest. find them here and here.


[going through a serious...]

I want this rug SO SO badly! (image via domino mag, found here)




want. want. want.



oh...I could zig and zag forever...


[i love these]

I'm back from being on the road and wanted to share some love. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

1. DIY sew in love cards by bird and banner
2. You Have my Heart card by bird and banner
3. A Figure of Speech pin/brooch
4. I Heart You cards
5. True Love journal by petite press