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I’m obsessed with family portraits. The quest for a gorgeous time capsule of my beautiful children has led me to a number of photography sites, only to find fantastic photos of happy couples, or an ever so trendy, young, and cooperative family of 3. Not 7.

I can only assume it is because most families of 7 share the same impossible dream that all 14 eyes will simultaneously look at the same focal point in the very millisecond the camera clicks, with no fingers in the noses, and of course, cool outfits. The stars must align.

However, there is hope. My favorite photographers are my favorite because they have captured families in the most creative ways. These two photos are my favorite.

I dream at night that Jonathan Canlas will show up at my door holding gold grass, some mountains, a bright blue sky, and his camera and say, “Hey, you want me to take your picture?” “Why, sure, Mr.
Canlas. Let me just put on my pearls.”

Or Wendy from Blue Lily Photography will fly us in a private jet with the
Backyardigans and popcorn to wherever this brick building is and wave her magic wand and we’ll fly into the perfect candid position. And I’ll wear green shoes.


In an attempt to have a cool family picture for the Christmas cards I never send to extended family, I tried to combine some elements from these favorite photos to create a unique moment.

Well. Removing Kacie’s baby doll & Joey’s McQueen produced nasty tantrums; we caught Jakie jumping on the downbeat; Dani’s attire is less than fancy; dad’s at work because I do all the crazy stuff while dad’s at work; you can’t see my mountains on the left; the grass is only a little yellow; and my shoes that you can’t see are red and not green.

All in all, I think we did pretty good.

I think I’ll just beg Tuesday Mourning to paint the happy moment for me. Another gorgeous option I dream about.

1. Jonathan Canlas Photography
2. Blue Lily Photography

3. tuesday mourning
mer mag note: I totally made her give props :). shameless, I know.


  1. I understand completely. I too have a family of seven and someone is always grumpy or uncooperative or have their eyes closed (usually me actually!) or suddenly not feeling well, or too tired to smile. Even bribery has failed to work. I have sometimes considered getting someone skilled on photoshop or similar to merge a few photos!

  2. Beautiful work. I need to get something like that done!

  3. I love you painting style, truly. If ever I make my dream happen and write/publish a children's book I'd love, love, love you to illustrate it. Just so you know, you're hired in my book!

  4. Cally.... my brother takes pictures...seriously... couldn't hurt to see what he might come up with if ur interested... he's tryin' really hard right now to get a photography company started & isn't gettin' much business.

  5. Oh I want this too! But after little baby boy is born I think...
    Of course the portrait involves no sitting and maybe I could wish for that too! We love the art work we already have from Tuesday mourning!

  6. This was a great post, all the way down to giving mer props LOL

  7. I choose to flaunt the talents and artistry of Tuesday Mourning on my own envious free will.

    No coercing involved.

    Because I covet the portrait.

    Like major.

  8. Very cute photo- you should be proud! xoxo