[Sunday afternoons...]


There are few things in life more perfect than a Sunday afternoon with loved ones.

Hoping yours was lovely, snuggly and giggly as well.


[two parties...]


A few weeks ago I received a call from my friend Jordan asking for assistance and creative inspiration for a baby shower she would be throwing for her sister-in-law Brooke. Knowing both Jordan and Brooke to be ladies of great taste, and even better company, I was more than delighted to take part.

And then I heard that Jordan had a little more planned up her sleeve. Not only was she aiming to throw a baby shower but had a mind to hold her daughter's 3rd birthday party earlier on that same day. Now here was a challenge to sink my teeth into! Needless to say, I was definitely on board.
The inspiration for Brooke's shower was easy. We decided to base it on the adorable invite that graphic designer Brooke herself had created. I fell in love with her color choices at once and who doesn't love an elephant motif?
In fact we took this theme and ran with it - branded it, if you will, as Jordan and Brooke's husbands (who are also graphic designing brothers) comically put it. Jordan and I divided up the work load and proceeded from there. I made a slew of white iced sugar cookies and packaged them as celebratory favors.
And then went on sprucing up and personalizing water bottles, stacking a diaper cake, and dotting fabric back drops.
Add some blue tissue paper poms, delectably dipped strawberries, a corner store's worth of blue candies, scrumptious sandwiches, a sinful strawberry spinach salad and some pretty darn good store bought cupcakes and a party spread we had.

The guests arrived and we enjoyed our time celebrating Brooke and her little bundle on the way.

Now for the birthday party for a certain little 3 year old princess. Jordan made the most incredible princess cakes out of my Williams Sonoma pumpkin cake mold. I don't think these Disney princesses ever looked so good, do you?
We doubled up on the iced sugar cookies and went with the same circle punch sticker solution for the packaging, reducing the work load a bit.
The princess of the hour no doubt enjoyed her day very much as did all her little guests.
Jordan made these darling hats and birthday banner.
We used the same water bottle label solution and doubled up on the party poms (only adding a few more colorful ones for the birthday bash).
(princess party photos courtesy of Jordan Daines)

Happy faces and delighted darlings tell the tale of a smashing party.

Whew! Well from my perspective we pulled it all off rather well. And if you are thinking of doing something similar, here are a few pointers:

-most definitely pull someone else in to help you
-double up on as many goodies and design solutions as possible, still making sure each party has it's own signature look
-plan as much as you can ahead of time, divide and conquer
-simplify wherever you can
-when the clock is ticking, ditch whatever isn't working
-and when it's all said and done, let it all go and enjoy your guests along with the fruits of your labors

Happy party planning!