[summer magic...]

Things are coming along with my Summer Magic party sewing. I still have some finishing touches to do on this little overall number for baby O but I'm happy with it so far. I tried it on him and it's to die for. Truly.
And here are little A's knickers that I mentioned earlier. They are a tad too wide for him at the waist so I'm thinking I'll turn them into overalls or make some suspenders to attach to them. A white shirt and little bow tie are just what I need to complete the look.

I also want to see what ma and pa sewing I can squeeze into my schedule before the 4th. I hope I can do what I'm scheming up because I have half a mind to get some family photos with us all gussied up and vintage like.


[join me over at Kelly + Olive for a...]

Happy Tuesday to you all! I was delighted when the gals from Kelly + Olive asked me to share little tutorial with all of you on their blog. Hop on over and check it out. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make this ruffle pillow.
And while you're over there, stay awhile and explore all of the wonderful things that Lauren and Courtney, founders of the virtual decorating company Kelly + Olive, have to offer. These gals are so great and full of inspiring ideas.


[thus begins our...]

I'm not in school. My husband isn't in school (hooray! :)) and I don't have any children in school yet...but there is something in the air for all of us when school gets out. It seems to truly mark the beginning of summer, and this past Friday, June 19, was just that day for us here in South Pas. For me, nothing says summer more then leisure sewing and craft projects (surprise, surprise) and the beach. Two things I have been enjoying a bit more of these days.

I have been in the process of making my little guys vintage inspired looks, from the above fabrics, for our extended family's Forth of July "Summer Magic" picnic/tea party celebration (now a much anticipated tradition). I've have little A's knickers finished (a little large again...but I've got suspenders in mind to remedy this) and am currently working on baby O's ensemble. I seriously need time to stand still as I also want to make something for Jon and myself ...we'll see how things go. We may feel like "school's out for the summer"...but life, work, parenting...moves on as usual. I'll be sure to post everything when it's finished.
My brother (who is available and a real cutie if anyone is interested :)) is also in town right now helping us break free a bit from our daily routine, getting us out enjoying the lovely things that California has to offer. This was an especially great day at the beach. A dad, his son and a kite. Does it get better than that?

I'm so happy summer is in the air. What are some things that you are enjoying or look forward to doing this sunny season?


[dress him up & take him out]

I can think of no better time to do a mini-makeover for the dads in your life than this weekend for Father's Day. (Do you dream up makeovers in your sleep like me? Or am I the only crazy one around here? Dare I even ask ;)?).

I must say that you can most likely replicate these above looks by diligently scouring your local thrift stores. Hmmm...what do I have planned for tomorrow again? Might have to squeeze some Father's Day bargain hunting in for good measure.
And how cool is this? Jot down his favorite poem on a scarf - a treasure he's sure to love.
Now pull it all together with a business artsy bag. I've had my eye on this one for some time now.

Whether it's dim sum or go carts you have planned for the weekend, The dad's in you life are sure to make an impression dressed to the nines in these thoughtful duds.

Happy Father's Day weekend!


[spend an afternoon with...]

I love that you can find printable versions of all the vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls on the Blue Door website. If I had a little girl I would print one out each day and play with her.
I went ahead printed out these goldie and three bear puppets for little A the other week and sadly he wasn't too into them. Perhaps he's too young. I had fun though. Go print some out and have some fun for me!


[arts and crafts corner]

Last week little A and I had so much fun making cookie cutter art - an idea I've had in my head for a while now. Not everything turned out as I had imagined (such as the paint from the cookie cutters not showing up as well as I'd hoped) but I like how things looked overall.
I happened to have these "X" and "O" cookie cutters from Valentines Day that were really fun to use but I think any shape could work (especially for a kids room).
I decided to go with a repetitive pattern for mine but as you can see from little A's, a more random, haphazard look is also very cool. ( I LOVE how his turned out! He did everything himself. I only offered the paints one color at a time, starting with the blue, then the red, and last the yellow. I also only gave him the "O" at the end - because I forgot about it - but I love that it is the only one. He told me when he was finished. I was so proud).
Made for a great afternoon. Truly.


[my pick...]

I would love to give these classic vellum cards, from Kate's Paperie, to Jon for Father's day. Aren't they just devine? Well...the key word in this "my pick" heading is "my". Jon's pick would be something entirely different...and because it is in fact his day...I think I'll get him that ipod/swimmer headphone/thing-a-ma-jiggy. After all he does bring me baby O when he wakes up crying in the morning and makes little A breakfast almost every morning. I think he deserves it, don't you?



I thought it might be helpful to all of you if I started archiving all the looks that I spotlight here on mermag. Here are few from the past week or so.

Enjoy and I hope you have an event filled weekend. Wear something fabulous!

links: ulla johnson; philip lim; cloak and dagger; philip lim


[Sunday in the park with...]

Some of my dearest friends in the world, the Eltons, just had a family photo shoot that I'm nuts about. A few of you might know Julie Elton, my companion writer for the long neglected blog, domestically dressed (we're mom's...with other blogs...you know how it goes.). Julie and I have been friends since being house mates in college (where we hit if off splendidly) but I actually knew her husband, Eric, first, through an art class. I love this couple and their little family. Both Eric and Julie have an incredible eye for beautiful and artistic things and an uncanny ability to create magic wherever they go (something I think comes through in these photos).
I also love that Eric's sister, Heather Mann, of Heather Mann Photography (another a dear friend), took these photos. What a marvelous collaboration. This sincerely convinces me that I need to make a trip up to the glorious state of Washington where these inspiring loved ones reside. I miss them far, far too much.


[color cues: focusing in on the...]

I recently purchased what just might be my most favorite purse...ever...and I've been so inspired by its colors. The exterior shades of blue and interior marigold yellow are just the right take on their primaries for me.
I also have been purchasing a lot of vintage paper products as of late. This pad of air mail paper really spoke to me. I love the simple cover design and color. Add a few touches of yellow and you've got a great primary color palette.
These are a few ribbons I've been collecting for a project that is mulling around in my head (that I will hopefully one day get around to). Don't you just love the ruler ribbon?


[I'm off on my...]

I shalln't be going anywhere fabulous this year. No trips to Florence or Athens or Nice...sigh...but I'm not going to let that stop me from planning the trip of my dreams. In fact, I think I'll go this weekend. First and most importantly it's got to be full of delicious, imaginary details that I simply must jot down in this exquisite Travel Journal. And being early summer the weather will be sunny with a slight breeze, making this layered ensemble perfect for the hot and cold spots I'm sure to hit throughout my day. I'll travel light making sure everything will fit into this weekender bag that I will make the night before taking flight.
After a wonderfully exhausting day of exploring and devouring I'll curl up for the night in some little hamlet off the beaten path or perhaps, since the weather will be just right, I'll spend the night under the stars right on the beach.
Of course I will write elegant letters home and fill the envelope full of tiny paper treasures for my little boys to play with. I will tell them the tales of the land and speak of how I can't wait to come home and tuck them in at night.

It will be just what I need to start the week fresh and inspired. I can't wait.

Wishing you all a delightfully make-believe weekend.

[pretty and thrifty]

Tin cans and bull dog clips never looked so good. I love how a little creativity can make these inexpensive, every day items organizational eye candy. Thanks Country Home for the inpiration.


[it's all in the...]

We all need little spots in our homes that make us smile when we pass by them. This simple necklace display is just such a spot for me. I know it's only a little thing, but it makes me happy to look at. I think we all need mini spaces like this, don't you?

What are some spaces/displays in your home that make you smile to look at? I'd love for you to take a snap shot and then comment here with a link to your photo. Then we can all share in the joy of the little things!


[Yes, Yes]

I'm very much enjoying the hair, makeup and styling of these Noa Noa photographs (clothing line originally found on Ill Seen, Ill Said - a great little blog full of fabulous fashion finds and other pretty things). Fun stuff I tell you.