[on the hunt for a...]

particularly a tall one like in the left hand picture. I would love to be able to put rolls of paper and canvas in it. If you see one or have any idea where I might find one, please, please, please let me know. Thanks!


[Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !]

Talented seamstress, Kathleen Dougherty has a blog full of wondeful give aways. Check out her Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY here.


[wanting a print of this]

see more of Sam's work here.


[mom's ultimate...]

I've been looking for a mom's organizer and I love the design of this one from See Jane Work. Seems like a perfect find for the beginning of a new school season (especially because I've never gotten over my love of back-to-school supplies...what is it about them that just makes my insides squirm with newness and possibility?).

[ernst and thistle]

I'm absolutely head over heels for this ernst and thistle pillow.

[ok, but these are just too cool]

head on over to tiny bazaar and check them out.


[some lines have all the fun]

Every now and again I come across a clothing line that has my drooling. Future Classics is just such a line. I absolutely LOVE everything about them: their clothing designs, their styling, their photography, etc. All of it is so me, or at least what I want to be. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

[H&M's new collaboration]

...hmm...could be fun. I'm always up for anything edgy but would you buy any of it?


[constant muse]

I've been a long time fan of Malcom (or better known to many as "Skip") Liepke. His work has once again come to the front of my radar as a great source of inspiration. I love his palette and painterly quality. Gorgeous.


[from artwork to ensemble]

I love how you can find inspiration for fashion from anywhere. I am really taken with the berries and lemon color scheme from this lovely artwork by Jessica Gonacha. I then decided to create an ensemble inspired by it.
Ensemble links: jacket; shoes; pendant; skirt; bag.


[beautiful blues]

Love these pics. found it here and here.

[simply smitten with...]

I'm drooling over the clothing and hair/head accessories from the clohting line Hengst. Love, love, love.


[beautiful work]

see more of her work here.


Savoring the end of summer with a...

My sisters (and sisters alike) had a summer swap where we drew names and had to give our person one handmade item, one vintage or second hand item and one sweet treat in the theme of sweet summer goodness. I drew my sister Carianne's name and made her these paper covered pencil/craft tin cans. The beachy basket was purchased second hand and she got a box of sweet mint brownies. It was so much fun. Hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it!


this makes me happy

loving all things Kenzo.

[i've got my copy]

have you got yours?Yes, I went to Barnes and Noble last night at midnight, caught the tail end of a Vampire prom and purchased my reserved copy of Breaking Dawn. I'll be occupied for a while...so if posts are infrequent, you'll know why :). Happy biting.


[cute finds]

from artist Lindsay Brackeen. I have an unfinished wooden matryoshka nesting doll set that I've been meaning to paint and these are getting me anxious to do so.