What's In My Bag

Inspired by the "What's in her bag" series running by figments design I've decided to start the same challenge amongst my friends and family. So get your bags out and photograph them. Number and list what each item is and why you have have it in your bag. I know a few of you that read this blog so I'm going to give you a shout out so you know I'm expecting to see something from you :). Angie, Kari, Denise, Julie, Sarah, Natalie, Melody, Jen, Cambria, Wendy, Kristi, Nadja and anyone else I'm forgetting or who might come accross this post, get your bags out and share. D-lyn, Cari, Lola and SB, you are still a part of this.

I think this will also be a great way to connect with more fabulous women like yourself. Please feel free to pass along the challenge to any of your friends as well. I'm even thinking of awarding prizes so stay tuned.

Ok, so here's the low down with What's In My Bag:

  1. The bag itself is from my recent trip to Paris and is from promod. It's actually an interesting story. I had purchased a much more expensive Miu Miu bag for the trip but body strap was very uncomfortable and then the handle broke so I had to find a replacement. This more affordable bag actually worked much better. It's nice and roomy and doubles great as a diaper bag.
  2. Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet. Nothing too incredibly special about this. I purchased it from my favorite discount store in NYC, Daffy's. I love the color.
  3. My cell phone is in desperate need of updating. I'm waiting for all the bugs to be fixed on the new iphone and then I hope to get that. I always have my hands free set with me for business calls and driving. Can't leave home without either one.
  4. I got this little gem of a notebook in Paris. I love pink and I love notebooks. This size was just perfect for all the things I need to jot down at a moments notice. I recently found the books online by tout noté which makes me so happy. I can now purchase refills.
  5. Guess sunglasses. These are my first pair of prescription sunglasses and I love them! I can't believe how free it feels to be able to wear sunglasses on a day that I am wearing my regular glasses. I purchased these as part of a killer package deal from Eyeglass World, but one pair get 2 free (still going on now).
  6. Lip gloss. I always have to have lip gloss on me at all times. One of my favorite brands is Stila lip glaze. Goes on glossy and stays that way for a long time.
  7. My bus cards. I try to keep these on me at all times.
  8. Currently loving the uniball vision elite pen with purple ink. Writes dark enough so that it's sophisticated but still has a little zing.
  9. Sketchbooks. mini sketchbooks must absolutely follow me around wherever I roam. Some of my favorites are these little brown paper ones by Moleskine.
  10. Diapers and baby wipes. As all mothers of young children know, you don't leave home without at least one diaper and some baby wipes. Atticus only does well in Huggies.
  11. Munchkin snack cup. Another absolute necessity for toting around a toddler. Atticus loves his to be filled with preztels and goldfish and I love that there are three compartments to keep things interesting.
  12. Keys. I don't know what to say about these other than I got the little hello kitty key chain back when I was in NY. I just loved that she was in a little bear suit. I also have a cool flourish design on my house key to make it easier to find. Something I definitely recommend if you have a toddler on one hip and well, a large promod bag and groceries on the other.
  13. Pocket Notes Shopping List. I just found this little notebook at Urban Outfitters and love it. I make shopping lists constantly and I hate using good notebook paper for them. This is the perfect solution.

Can't wait to see what you have hiding in the deep confines of your bags! :)


  1. Hey Merrilee! How is it going? I met up with Denise last night at a friend's party and she told me to come for a visit. How are ya'll doing? Looks like you are having fun as a mom and the Illustrations look fantastic! We are on number 3 and I am at Avalanche still and will probably be here indefinitely. Anywho your work looks awesome! Later.

  2. Mer- I am so impressed at your designer purse and contents. I am in desperate need of getting my life/purse that simplified. I think my purse just hold 50 million reciepts! You know that white money that means you have wasted away all the green kind.

  3. My wife is the most fantastic, amazing, talented and beautiful woman in the world! I love her very much.
    You may think that this is the contents of her bag, but I think that she's holding out on us. The truth is, Mary Poppins has nothing on Merrilee. I've seen her pull things out of there that you'd never have thought she could have in there. For example: my phone I thought I lost two days ago; bottles for Atticus at just the right moment; a tide me over snack when faint from hunger; three pairs of glasses; toys for Jon to play with at church; and a stuffed puppy dog.
    I love reading your blog, Mer.

  4. hi there- i totally want to do this- and yes that piece is available. write me- i can't find your contact info!!!!
    xo kelly tunstall

  5. I feel like I've been caught reading your blog (red-handed!)...and I never make any comments or anything! Seriously Mer, I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog:-) I would do the purse thing...but seriously, besides receipts, and such...there is nothing good in it. I'm just so glad to know that life is great for you and you're doing well! xoxo, wendy

  6. Wendy I'm so glad you made a comment! Mentioning you was my secret way of getting you to do so ;). I love to hear from you and am so happy you read my blog. It's such a great way to stay connected.