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I've been a busy bee bringing to life evie, camilla, beth, ella, jane, elanor, milla, izzy, anna, and elsa. These thoroughly modern gals are just the right size to slip into a little one's stocking and more importantly, right into their heart. They will be available to you this week in my little shop.
Each mod rag doll has her name sewn onto the back and fabrics range from vintage/vintage inspired to personally hand drawn, such as on elanor and milla, posing below.
And as for more shop news, I've recently added a new print, Love is Spoken Here, in a variety of colors into the shop. I created this little poster back in September of 2008. It's been such a joy to have in my home so I thought I'd share it all with you.
And for the final Cyber Monday fun, I'm having a little shop sale
Buy any print (or a custom portrait, etc.) and receive a print of your choice for free. And get, this...this sale is not just for Cyber Monday, but will be going on all week!! So get your holiday orders in now. Just enter promo code: CYBERSALE and I'll be sure to reimburse you for your free print. Happy holiday shopping!


[gobble, gobble, strut, strut...]

Meet Abe (as Little A has dubbed him). Perhaps he's not that proud - he is a little awkward around the feathers after all. But we're happy about it as it saved him from the chopping block and has allowed him to come and live with us. I do believe Abe will be the only stuffed turkey at our Thanksgiving table who will not be eaten. Phew.
OK, so this is my first time creating a softie in three dimensional form (as in not just two pieces of fabric sewn back to back). I wasn't at all sure of what I was doing but I stole a few tricks from the hat I made for A's sailor costume and then just tried to "wing" it from there.
Speaking of wings, I had a hard time getting Abe's feathers to stand up straight so I ended up sewing them closer to his body. As I mentioned earlier, it's a bit awkward, but we're fine with it. I was also able to use some of that hand-drawn fabric I created a while back which is very fun to see in action.

One stuffed turkey down, one to go. Well on my way to making way for Christmas.


[jumping ship for a...]

This year we did things a little different for Halloween. Little Captain A and baby O-ctopus and the rest of the crew sailed away from the warm shores and green palms of California for the drizzily chills and bright fall leaves of Tennessee, and we had the time of our lives.
Jon had a graduate acting reunion/presentation of sorts that was being held on Halloween day. We were thrilled as this gave us a chance to see dear friends, frolic through fallen leaves, and trick-or-treat on a chilly autumn night. Perfect.
After some serious late nights I managed to get the costumes finished before the trip (only some last minute fish stuffing for Captain A's trick-or-treat bag). Phew. It was difficult pulling together baby O's costume but I'm pleased with how it turned (I used a pattern for the hood but made up the rest). He was so stinkin' cute. He calmed down about the tentacles and hood once he realized he had a built in chew toy. Awesome.
I couldn't get Cap'n A to sport the beard but Jon ended up wearing it so it worked out great. Little A had a mustache as an alternative that he wore for tricks or treats but not for the photo shoot. It was to die for.
I knew with little A I had to make a costume that was more or less like wearing every day clothes. He has never been into wearing elaborate costumes with too many things going on, and if it had a zipper or Velcro, you can forget about it. That thing would be off in seconds. He eventually warmed up to his ensemble and was very proud to be a "Sailor Man!".
This year was especially magic for all of us as Little A really got it. When we were getting ready to leave for trick-0r-treating he kept running for the door in a panic holding his hat and mustache crying for me to put it on so that he could go. And once we were out (in the rain) going from house to house he went crazy trying to keep up with his older friends. He didn't understand that he couldn't eat a piece of candy after each house and still be able to keep speed. It was priceless chaos. Ahh...I love Halloween. And now, I love that it's over. I'm ready for Christmas baby. I'm ready Christmas.