Kids Clothes on Etsy

I've been browsing etsy to try and find some original hand made children's fashions and I found some really cute stuff that I wanted to share with you.

First off I love these shirts made by Stacy & Mark of 1Girl 1 Boy. All of their shirts are hand dyed, block printed and appliqued. I love them! These top two shirts are a must have for Atticus. For a girl, the chickadee is my favorite.

These appliqued shirts and onsies by quiltbaby are very simple and sweet. There is an enormous amount of decorated onsies and tee's on this site but these stood out to me. I think it was because of their clean and simple patterns as well as the interesting placement of the applique.

The Plaid Giraffe has a selection of gorgeous appliqued shirts as well.

Loving these sweet reversible dresses by Lassie Girl.

Very sweet and elegant girls clothing by Little Empress Couture.

I also like these these items from 1. courtneycourtney, 2. hipkid, 3. petitedebutant, 4. foxyandwinston.

Of course most of these are for little girls and I have a boy. Just goes to show that even in the hand made indie world it's much easier to find cute girls clothes :).

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