Happy Anniversary!!

Six years ago today Jon and I were married! We have had a great six years filled with all the joy you can imagine. Here are some of my top ten highlights from the past six years:

  1. The birth of our son, Atticus
  2. Our Wedding Day
  3. Our trip to Paris (particularly when Jon gave me an anniversary ring and "proposed" for a second time)
  4. Our first midnight walk when we were first getting to know each other, and realizing that we shared so many of the same hopes and dreams
  5. Our first snowball fight on another walk when we were dating (he had the cutest hair and the most stylish jacket and gloves on, as I do recall)
  6. Just being together as a family, playing with Atticus and watching him grow
  7. Our magical time in the Big Apple (I can think of LOADS of things that happened here)
  8. Our honeymoon-particularly the M&M candy factory and the waterfall pools
  9. Being pregnant (I really loved the dynamic of our relationship as we both looked toward the future with joy and excitement of what was to come)
  10. Our recent trip to Big Sur where we relaxed in the hippest of cabins and enjoyed the most incredible beaches and views
This morning I gave Jon an 8x10 framed photo of us under the Eiffel Tower (above). I also gave him this fun little drawing that Shannon from Aunty Cookie custom created of our family.

So hears to another 6 years and on to eternity! I love you Jon!

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  1. LOVE that photo! You two are adorable! Happy anniversary! What a great gift giver you are!