[I'll be...]

for the next couple of days, so I'm wishing an early happy weekend to you all! I'm off to see my little brother get married so posts will be on and off for the next week. see you when I get back!

print by ara133 photography.


[art fix]

holly farrell's paintings are so great and so inspiring.


[true bloom]

another pretty picture.



[more craftiness]

I'm working on a pillow to give my husband for Valentines Day (which he's already seen me working on). It has sort of become a humorous gift tradition for me to give him a pillow each V-day. Two years ago I gave him a pillow that said "Valentine" in felt letters. I loved it. He thought it was nice but saw through it...he knew it was really was a gift for myself (after all it was pink and not really something he would do much with). We got a good laugh out of it this year and now I think I'll make it a "gag" gift tradition. (Don't worry, I have something else up my sleeve for him).


[i have the craft bug]

there's always room in the world for one more softie right? i couldn't resist. i might only have boys but I have always wanted to make dolls. I have lots of little nieces however that are going to love their v-day treat from auntie mer.

[the new]

how much do I love thrift stores? so very much.

[how great is this?]

i love this in every way possible. found it here.


[so cute!]

darling valentine by suzy jack*.

[in love with the blog...]

I just found the blog Weekend Designer, and LOVE it. how great is it that the author shares patterns for fashions, accessories, and more? so all over it.

[wanting this book]

there are so many books out there that I want. this one is high on the list.

[handmade patterns for living by...]

Little A has his third birthday coming up in March and I have my eye on this Pirate Supply Kit, by Miss Natalie. So cute.and how about this adorable Growth Chart kit? My boys are growing like weeds. What a great way to keep up.


[more great sachets]

so elegant and simple. find them here.


[pretty pretty pictures]

purchase her prints here.

[art fix]

beautiful prints from etsy shop, groundwork. i want every single one of them.


[smitten with]

etsy shop, chez-sucre-chez, has the most exquisite hand stitched items. I'm simply smitten. I've been wanting to switch over to all cloth napkins (and do away with the paper ones) and I just can't get over how great these ones look.

[I want to snuggle up in all of these]

For a glorious brief week it was cold enough here in Southern California to cuddle up in a cozy quilt. I love quilts and I've just started to get my feet wet in the making of them. My little A is turning 3 this year and I want to make him a quilt that will fit a twin bed. Friend and fabulous painter/photographer, Jordan Daines, made the most darling little baby quilt. I love the pattern she came up with. I'm also head over heals for my friend Katie's simple modern quilt she made in only 24hrs! wow. These others are ones I've found while perusing the net and love them. I really want to make the zig zag one for myself.

1. jordan's quilt
2. katie's 24hr quilt
3. bookhou kids patchwork quilt
4. makebabystuff.com quilt contest entry
5. urban outfitters quilt
6. mountain peaks makebabystuff.com contest entry
7. loobylu scrappy doll quilt


[i love this]

from AMH Design. I've never really gotten into needle point but want to try it, starting with this. Brilliant.


[i'm starting to...]

how about you? i always love valentines day. it makes a dreary february light and lovely. etsy seller Apol Lejano-Massebieau, of lapomme, does this too with her handmade hearts and sachets. oh l'amour.


[art fix]

love this. find more of Ramis Kim's work here.


[organize your pantry with these]

I'm a sucker for attractive organization and am slightly obsessed with labels so when I saw these fantastic Matthew Mead creations in the latest Country Home I was more than smitten. So pretty. I would want to bake everyday if my pantry looked likes this. Download the labels for yourself here.