Vogs in Santa Cruz

My in-laws are in town visiting us so that they can see Jon in the Santa Cruz Shakespeare Festival (he plays Ferdinand in The Tempest and makes and appearance in Much Ado About Nothing). Today they were shopping around and spotted my 'Merrilee' fluevogs for sale at a local store. I had never seen them in an actual shop (only for purchase online - I have a pair so I have of course seen them in person) so it was really exciting. The sales clerk said that they were some of her customers favorite. What a great thing to hear! I would love to design more. I've certainly got a closet full of ideas :).


  1. So exciting!! I'm wanting a pair myself.

  2. what the holy shoe designer? who knew. not me, obviously. I've seen you wear them, and loved them, but now they're way cooler. Love.

  3. mer, what is this all about anyway? are you really designing shoes???