Perennial Patchwork Quilt

So I'm jumping up and down, super excited about my recent purchase from Urban Outfitters. I absolutely L-O-V-E this Perennial Patchwork Quilt. I have been wanting a quilt for sometime, even wanting to make one, but I couldn't find one that really hit my style dead on. That is until I saw this cuddly thing out of the corner of my eye. Atticus and I were taking our daily stroll around Santa Cruz and we happened to pop into one our favorite haunts, Urban Outfitters. Thinking it just an innocent window shopping excursion, I was surprised to find myself bee-lining for the checkout desk with an enormous ball of quilt tucked under my chin whilst one-handing a reckless stroller. It appeared to be the last one so my impulses kicked in and I made the buy. I haven't had one ounce of regret since. (Of course it has only been one day :)).


  1. good for you, mer. it always feels good to muster up the guts to make a big purchase spontaneously. i love it! and gosh it feels good not to have to make something. . .

  2. Mer This Quilt is SOOO beautiful! I want ONE!! thanks for sharing it!