What's in Lorajean's Bag

Thanks Lorajean for taking on the bag challenge! I love the creative way you set everything up. Here's what Lorajean has to say about what's in her bag:

#1- My new spiffy purse I made.
#2- Relief Society papers (that should be in a folder, but I haven't gotten one yet).
#3- A heart keychain from Carianne, and the awesome bird purse that Merrilee made for me.
#4- Trident gum, for that just-brushed breath.
#5- My "real" keys (my entire life, basically)--the Hello Kitty coin purse is the heart of my purse...it's been with me through a lot..."what would I do without you, Kitty?"...aaawwwww...
#6- Two pens. They're good for writing with...sometimes.
#7- Western Family brand, size 5, "Clifford" diapers.
#8- An extra set of keys...but why are they in the same purse as my regular keys? Shouldn't they be in a different purse so I can still get in the house if I lock this one in?...oh, well.
#9- Awesome retro earrings (purchased at D.I.), altered to be dangly instead of clip-on.
#10- Baby spoon, that used to be with the baby food. The baby food was eaten...the spoon survived.
#11- "My handy-dandy (*ding*) notebook". My re-covered composition notebook journal.
#12- The remains of my make-up. The rest has either been destroyed by Lizzy or left in Daryllyn's glove box (psst, D-lyn might want to check her glove box). :)

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