Homage to Santa Cruz

Our little family will be leaving this beautiful city of Santa Cruz on Labor Day. I wanted to share with you a small slice of all the things I have loved about being here. Most of these pictures are taken from my daily walks with Atticus, which both of us have grown to adore.

I can't say enough for the beauty of this part of the world. The Ocean is absolutely gorgeous and has an effect on me that I can't ignore. I feel so free and at home gazing out into it's endless depths and I love to feel the salty sea spraying onto my face. The flora and fauna here is unmeasurable. I can't believe the incredible plant life nearly every home here has growing in all areas of their yards. And the weather here is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It is hot, sunny, breezy and chilly all in the same day. And then you have redwood filled mountains mere minutes away from ocean side cliffs and sandy beaches. The lovely Victorian homes also really excite me as well as the quaint local boutiques.

This place has influenced me in small ways that I am very grateful for. High on the list would be the relaxed, laid back vibe that California in general embodies. I don't know how there couldn't be one with such beautiful surroundings. Being a New York city girl at heart (even though I'm from Colorado) I'm usually drawn to the work-a-holic, fast paced, cutting edge life style. The city will never leave me but I do hope to slow things down a bit internally and just enjoy each day of life for what it is.

There is a lot I'll be happy to get back to for sure (individuals who consider bathing important and who don't consistently mistake hemp for the next best fashion excessory for starters :)) but for now I'll just sit back and enjoy what it is about Santa Cruz that I do like.

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  1. I'm SORRY I didn't come visit! I really wanted to but I just couldn't aford it, all my trip money was spent on a new washing machine. :( I love you! perhaps I shall visit you next summer wherever you shall be then.