[arts and crafts corner]

As is the norm around here, we've got a pretty busy week ahead of us. With lots of exciting illustration work going on (naps and bedtime just won't cut it this week) I've had to get creative about how to entertain the Littles. I'm not sure much can be done to keep Baby O (who is a toddler now but I just can't strip the "baby" title yet) out of the paints and away from the keyboard, but I'm armed and ready with an ongoing art project for little A - and we have Ann Wood to thank for it.
Inspired by her 100 horses series Little A and I have set out to create our own little stampede (we're not ambitious enough to go for the full 100. We'll be happy with 10). Once a day, while I'm at my desk/drawing board Little A makes himself comfortable on the floor with craft paints, brushes and a cardboard horse cutout (made from Ann's template).
He loves it and has already started to ask about his horse every day. It's amazing to watch his concentration. He truly immerses himself into the painting, focusing on every stroke. I limit his color palette and offer a few suggestions such as painting the legs a different color than the body, but otherwise let him go at it. When he's done, I finish the horse off with an eye and few details. Little A then picks out the buttons and we assemble the horse together.
I hope this project sticks and Little A stays motivated. I can't wait to see what our colorful stampede will look like in the end (and I think I'll actually get some work done!).


[crackers and cheese}

We had an impromptu Valentines snack this weekend. We made love-inspired lunchables with turkey, cheese, crackers and cookie cutters.
A scrumptious little snack that filled our hearts and our bellies.
A snack that had little A and myself grabbing for more.
yum yum! Hope your Valentines weekend was filled with love and delicious goodies!


[aRRRR you ready for some...]


It's finally here! A day I've long been awaiting. A day when little A will be sent off to school with a bag full of Valentine booty for all his little preschool mates to enjoy.

Oh how I love Valentines. Hands down some of my favorite memories as a child were cutting doilies and red and pink construction paper hearts and applying them to a self-made mail/shoe boxes of sorts in preparation of the wonderful flood of cards and candy to be received by peers. When it was all over I'd sit in my room sorting through my loot, picking out which cards I liked best. I remember Garfield and Peanuts cards were usually on the top of the list. Oh what magical school memories (second only to the Halloween costume parades and cotton ball Santa beards).


In honor of this momentous occasion little A and I have decided to share our Pirate Valentines with all of you. Simply download the boy and girl pirate sheets and get started.


You can then print these onto white or colored card stock. From there you simply cut out felt heart eye patches and then stitch across the paper, write a cute piratey saying such as "you're gRRReat!" and the front of the card is complete.


You can get creative with the candy. Here little A and I did variations of gummy hearts sealed in sewn wax paper and lollies stitched right onto the back of the cards.

Little A can hardly contain himself. He can't wait to dress up as a pirate and deliver his treasure to all his friends. He also can't wait to have a lolly, so I slipped a little card in his bag just for him, from mommy.

Now all I need is a box (or two) of chocolates, conversation heart cookies and a night out with Jon and my V-day celebrations will be complete.

** All downloads are for personal use only. Please do not use for resale, or commercial production.