What's In Daryllyn's Bag

1. red heart bag by XOXO gift from my mommy!
2. my keys with a pretty silver heart fob, and a Hancock fabrics mini card, and nail clippers.
3. pens, one is a cool pen a gift from my hubby and another is freebie from my kids school, Connections Academy.
4. my kiwi colored leather wallet (I love this color!)
5. a stack of my family cards from Vista Print
6. various lipglosses, lip balms, and lipsticks (3 are Lancome, 2 Blistex, an IN COLOR by Jordana and the blue one Lip Vitamins is my favorite a minty balm from the the Dollar Tree)
7. a pink beaded charm bracelet
8. various clips, pony tail elastics, bobby pins
9. Pink sunglasses from shopping in Atlanta Georgia, with Merrilee
10. eyeglass lens cleaner
11. my cell phone
12. coupon to Toys R Us
13. business cards for my fav. places
14. Colrado State Fishing License, someday I will be fishing with my husband!

Not listed or shown (because I am using it to photo journal this stuff) is the real #1 item in my purse~ my Canon Power shot SD 600 Digital ELPH! I take it everywhere I go!
(Only left out all the reciepts that were floating around in there.)
How is that for honest!
So what does this all mean?
I guess you can see I like hearts and pink and red!
Otherwise I would say it means nothing!

1 comment:

  1. D-lyn I'd say it means you're super cool for taking on the challenge :). It also shows your favorite colors, coral and kiwi green. I thin it's just fun to see what other gals have floating around with them all day. Our bags are so close to us (literally) and it's fun to take a sneak peek into someone else's. For me this makes me want to try out Lancome lip gloss and run to the Dollar Tree for the minty balm. It also makes me want a cooler cell phone.