[great gear for little boys]

I'm always on the hunt for great gear for little boys and have been smitten with Small Paul, (Paul Frank's line for little ones) ever since I was lucky enough to find this brand at a bargain price in NYC. I even love their "dollhouse" which Ipersonally think is great for either boys or girls. Now if only Daffy's carried Small Paul toys as well as clothing...


[just about the coolest chair ever]

I challenge you to find a cooler chair than the one Anna Marie Horner reupholstered for her booth at the Quilts Market. So cool. I'll have to make one of my own...as I'm pretty sure these aren't up for grabs.

[awe inspiring designer]

I'm blown away by the beauty of Megan Park's exquisite handmade clothing. You simply must take a look at her site and read all about how her work is created. Outstanding.

[beautiful prints]

I love these prints done by Yasmine of a print a day. They are so bright and fun.


[inspired by]

the creative and intriguing paintings of artist amy casey.

[vintage inspired children's patterns]

Expert seamstress Liesl Gibson, accompanied by my friend and designer extraordinaire, Brooke Reynolds, is founder of the adorable children's clothing pattern line, Oliver + S. I'm especially excited for their fall line-up as they are introducing a boy line of patters that I simply must get for Atticus. The illustrations for the site are also absolutely adorable and are done by friend and fellow Shannon Associates artist, Dan Andreasen. You must check this company out. Everything is just too cute to stay away from.


[kid genius]

At just the age of 17, Australian photographer Kirra is busting out works worthy of some professionals. I think her best subjects are herself and nature. She definitely has a promising future, I mean...wow.


I want to devour this dish set that blogger sfgirlbybay found on one of her California outings to Summer House. I think these would be perfect for my garden party. Now I just have figure out who makes them.


Julia Rothman wrapping paper. I'm especially fond of the chair motif. Love it.


[inspired by]

the hauntingly beautiful photography of Jessica Silversaga.


[neapolitan goodness]

Abaete's spring 08 collection has me dreaming of delicious Neapolitan ice cream and carefree summers.

[garden party anyone?]

I've been craving a garden party and I love this set up seen in the May 08 issue of Domino. Anyone want to join me?


[P.S. I Love Your Wardrobe...]

I know the movie has been out for a while now but I just saw P.S. I Love You for the first time last night and was head over heels for Hilary Swank's wardrobe. These pics don't really show my favorite outfits, so you must watch it to see just how adorable she is. I've never seen Hilary play such a vulnerable and somewhat flighty girl and I must say it was a little refreshing (everything she typically does is so heavy...and of course very good). No doubt the woman is talented. The story had me sobbing all the way through. Yes...I'm pregnant.


[I know...I should feel lucky]

That I was able to spend the past week in New York City, and really I do.However, it's hard remember that when I could have been in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, etc.) with dear friends, Eric, Julie, Tony and Melissa.

Or in picnicking in the south of France with more dear friends, Jen and Alex, Jane and Kai, etc.
Ahh...but the big apple was better than staying at home in Knoxville so...even with a vicious cold that won't go away, I really can't complain too much.


[great books]

definitely will have to invest in this one.

I have this one and love it.


[stinkin' cute!]

No one but the expert herself, Heather Bailey, could say it any better. My sister Daryllyn has made a "stinkin' cute" outfit out of Heather Bailey's fabric and her equally "stinkin' cute" little girl is modeling it. You can purchase this or others like it on her etsy shop. Way to go Daryllyn, for getting Heather Bailey herself to take notice and even make a comment! You are on a roll!



[cardboard castle]

I'm loving this cardboard castle that Ann Wood created. I'll have to do something like this with Atticus when he is older (and won't immediately destroy it).

So I'm sure some of you have noticed that I've been neglecting my blog quite a bit lately. Well in addition to catching up with deadlines our home has been going through just about every bug you can imagine. We've had fevers, aches and pains, fiery soar throats, seal barking coughs, nausea, you name it...and we're not completely in the clear. Hopefully we'll all be healthy and well soon and I'll be able to rejoin you in blog land in no time.