mini art wall

This is my mini art wall that is getting me through the summer. It's hard to be away from my home that I love (and that I can't stop decorating!). I feel like I'm a college student again in a less then ideal boxy thing that passes for an apartment where spiders are my shower mates on a daily basis. (OK, I'm sounding spoiled, I know it). So a big thanks to my two Kate Sutton wall paintings from Urban and my Belle & Boo sachet for keeping me company and adding a bit of inspiration back into my peripheral.


  1. These are so cute!
    I thinkd you are a collector or an addict when it comes to art and illustrations;D
    Of course you can maybe write it off as inspiration?

  2. yes, admittedly I am a collector, and addict, all of the above. I've realized I have to be to constanly stay inspired (or at least that's what I tell myself to support my habit).