[What my hair is supposed to look like...]

Isn't the hair on this Keller NY model just heavenly? But believe you me...to get that messy, soft and tousled look, with a good bang sweep, is a whole lot harder than just waking up. After having the two littles my hair has become much more curly...or I should say "wavy" (used to be pretty much straight pre-kiddos). I like the idea of tousled hair but it is so hard to get it to look right. It either goes frizzy & poofy (too little product) or ramen noodle crunchy (too much product). The perfect balance is somewhere in between with the appropriate, magical product and styling combo. Gals with curls...give me some love. What products/styling tips do you suggest? And something a working mama could actually perform on a daily basis would be choice.


[school portraits and...]

Things are slowing down a bit over here as we enjoy our lazy days of summer.
Just the other day little A and I had fun making and eating homemade Cookies 'n' Cream in an effort to cool off a bit.
As you can see everything melted all over the upper lip...right where it belongs. We have also been trying to incorporate some water color painting, swimming and Montessori play time in between mom's busy illustration schedule.
And yet...as we enjoy our sunny days we find ourselves preparing for the upcoming school year...pictures need to be taken for cubbies and birthdays in anticipation for the first preschool year little A has ever had (sigh)...my oh my how they grow. So we are slowing things down...trying to savor as much as we can.

I do however have a few fun things in store such as a travel desk instructional/pattern of sorts, more forth of July photos, etc. So keep on dropping in. I'll be sure to say hi as much as I can!




[sharing with you a little slice of our...]

I thought I'd better share with you a few snapshots of our splendid Fourth of July celebration before the month was actually over. I'm still waiting on a few photos that my little sis took of us that I will of course post later.
I was so happy with how all the boys ensembles turned out. I managed to throw something on the sewing machine for myself the day before festivities began. It never got a zipper so I had to layer a bit but it all worked out...more or less.
and of course we can't forget the much talked about m&m display. It was all worth it, right?
We had a delicious time munching on ears of barbecued corn, dipping bread in various olive oil concoctions, sampling delectable slices of razzleberry, lemon meringue, strawberry and apple pie, and of course scooping up chocolatey crunchy goodness that most definitely melted in our hands as well as our mouths. The littles played rounds of miniature golf (the course of which was handmade by the sweat of Grandfather and father's brows), swam in pools, competed in chalkboard tic-tac-toe tournaments and most of all enjoyed eachother's company. Later there were of fire works, rocket launches, serenades and pj parties.

It was a grand ole time and the perfect way to kick off the summer.


[home again, home again]

Hello friends. I'm finally back from my lovely trip. Finally back in my own glorious bed and slowly getting back into my dependable routine. When I get my act completely together and my head on straight I'll have pictures to share of the festivities, so stay tuned.

In the mean time I wanted to share with you my latest custom sewing project that I made for the car ride back home.
The day before we left to come back home I had the idea of sewing my own version of travel desk for little A. On the way out he was kept occupied with activity books, mazes and drawing pads with nothing but his little legs to rest them on. Everything I found in stores was lacking in either design or functionality so when my mother just happened to have the perfect size of masonite available, the wheels in my head started turning.
So off to JoAnn's I went (no time for fancy online fabric purchases...so I made do with what I could find locally). I have to give a nod to my sisters who were of great help in figuring out how to make this little creation come to life. Thank you D-lyn for all your sewing help and insight! It's thanks to you that I can now take the masonite board out and wash the entire thing! Something I wouldn't have figured out (or even thought of) if I had done it all on my own.
And of course Little A was happy with his desk and used it quite a bit for not only paper work but matching, fishing and magnet games. I'm so happy with it and even more pleased with how helpful it was for my little guy...something you can't put a price on for an 18 hr drive across the US.


[party prep and a...]

Sorry the posting has been so infrequent as of late. I've been traveling and in the middle of Fourth of July party prep...And if I take one thing away from all of this it will be to never buy in bulk from M&M World in Vegas. Yes you may be assigned to bring red, white and blue candy for all the littles during the outdoor movie party and yes may think you are saving by avoiding paying shipping by not purchasing color coordinated candy online...but trust me...after the euphoria of seeing so many wonderful colors of m&m's dies off and you dreamily load up three bags of candy coated goodness...your jaw will drop and your hand will shake when you hesitantly hand over a sum that could easily pay for five bulk boxes of diapers...or half of a new iphone...no...just don't think about it. And don't think about how the supply will be gone is less than ten minutes...no don't think about that either. And don't think about charging the littles for each weighed and portioned serving...no that just isn't in the spirit of things...
No don't think of any of these things. Just think of how pretty it will look and how delighted it will make the kiddos. Just think of the happy red white and blue fingers and the stories you can tell.

Well, I'm traveling again tomorrow and then will officially be on vacay for a few days thereafter. Have a very Happy Fourth everyone!!

...hmm...I wonder how much each serving would have to cost to...