What's in Carianne's Bag

  1. My awesome bag by necessary objects, Merrilee pointed it out to me last summer, or was two summers ago? Anyway I’ve never been the same since; I’ve never had… anything get me as many compliments as this bag has! I LOVE IT.

  2. Coppertone Water Babies sun block, for when we go to the park, I always have it, I don’t always remember to use it but I always have it.

  3. My wallet… I just searched it and there is no brand marked on it… from Wal-Mart, I love that it matches the inside of my bag!

  4. My Keys

  5. My Nokia cell phone. I have Cingulair or is it AT&T they keep merging and changing back and forth, well one of those and if you have it too you can call me without using your minuets!

  6. My pink water bottle, I try to keep it with me to stay hydrated.

  7. My sunglasses, ever since I lost my favorite pair to the depths of Lake Granby I’ve been trying to replace them.

  8. Safeway diapers, Kirkland wipes and A&D ointment, just gotta' have it.

  9. Abigail’s cool headband I made from a nylon sock.

  10. Hair clippies… so that’s where they are!

  11. My scriptures, they are usually in my church bag but got shifted on Sunday.

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