[This just in...]

If you have wondered why the blog has slowed down a notch or two as of late...you now know the reason. I've been in the middle of preparing some serious birthday fun. And let me tell you...we had FUN! Yes I got a little obsessive, what with painting clothes pin people, sewing banners, and cutting out feathers while nursing a baby...(OK, that didn't really happen...but you get the idea). I know that little A would have been just as happy with a store bought celebration...but let's face it...I wouldn't have been. And when they are three...momma still gets to do what she wants...sort of.
The goodie bags were a hit with the littles (because of the ring pops and slimy slugs inside of course...but I was happy with the packaging).
I made A's costume out of an XL mens second hand shirt found last minute at the Salvation Army. It was the perfect color and texture and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Jon made him the hat and came up with the idea of grommeting the holes for the laces in the shirt. We make a good team I think.
And of course there is no party until all the littles arrive! What a treat. We had almost every character from Neverland represented. Tent poles were turned into swords, banners were struck down, leaves were turned into art and we played "following the leader" during a cup cake walk. I felt like a kid again. Loved it. Now I can relax...and start planning for Easter!


[wild thing]

Ok, enough with the cheez-o titles. But seriously...I cried when I saw this. I'll be dreaming about it all weekend. Enjoy yours.


[I love these]

These twin bedrooms, found on Desire to Inspire, are so lovely and remind me of the room/mood board I designed for the decor8/Amy Butler contest. The colors and style of the first one are spot on. So fun.


[art fix]

I'm smitten with Isabelle Arsenault's cover art for My Letter to the World, a book of Emily Dickinson's poems. So lovely.


[to band]

There's been a lot Tiger Lilly role playing going around here (à la Peter Pan) and in the midst of it all I've become quite fond of the head band. I am however a little self conscience about wearing it out in public (sans feathers of course). As a 30 year old mother (with a b-day just around the corner!) I feel slightly silly and a tad too old for this flapperesque trend. But on others I love it so. What is your opinion on the matter? To band, or not to band?

*note: I'm talking without feathers of course...those were added later digitally.


[and we're...]


It's birthday time for my little A and we've decided to go with a Peter Pan theme. I mean, what's better than pirates, a boy who flies and won't grow up, Indians, mermaids, and fairies all together in one story? It helps that my little A is obsessed with mister Peter Pan (or Peter " Man" as he calls him...because all super heroes end in "man") and runs around the house saying "Here we Gooooo." Jon will be making an appearance as Captain Hook and great fun should be had by all.

These are some fun things I've found that have inspired me. If only there were more hours in the day (particularly when little lost boys are sleeping) to create all that I want to for this...

1. cardboard tree house found on bloesem kids
2. wooden house divider found on bloesem kids
3. hanging pirate ship
4. Natalia with her family
5. Icy winter garland by meismama
6. tee pee
7. Ti Bout paper mache sculpture
8. Stephanie Congdon's feathers


[Anthro's channeling...]

I love the fun, bright, patchwork elephant Elmer and couldn't be happier to see that Anthopolgie has created a skirt that looks just like him. I love it. I need it.

*(I'm certain no poaching has been involved in the creation of said skirt. Elmer is still alive and well.).


[today I want to...]

natural, effortless, beautiful.


[and here they are...]

I wanted to share with you the final portraits that I did for the 2008 Christmas portrait Giveaway winners (I know, it's March...). I had a lot of fun working on these and getting to know a bit about these lovely ladies (see more about the process here). If you are interested, I'll be opening up shop soon and will be offering portraits (both drawings and paintings) as well as prints and original art work. If you can't wait until the shop opens, please email me at tuesday (at) tmourning dot com and I'll be happy to get something in the works for you.


[my closet needs a...]

I receive random updates from net-a-porter when my favorite designers (Alice Temperley and Botegga Veneta) have something new in their store (you know, so on the off chance I have $2500 to throw down on a dress I know what's available). This marigold skirt recently found it's way into my inbox and I couldn't get it out of my head. As great as it is, I don't have $750 for such a luxury, so I got to thinking about how I could sew one. My friend Christy recently made this darling skirt from a free Burda pattern found online so the wheels in my head started turning. I did some searching on the Burda Style site and found this killer skirt pattern (shown in the same fabulous marigold color). I must make it. My closet needs it.

[great solutions for...]

I'm super in love with these two rooms and how they dealt with the little space that they have (tall ceilings help). I can't believe they have two loves seats and a desk in the room on the left. It looks amazing. I think the light palate helps it not to look too cluttered. The blue on the right is also brilliant. Jon's not really into cozy seating arrangements...he likes lots of floor space. Too bad.


[feeling dainting and artsy]

I'm pretty sure I need to create an event just so that I can wear one of Barbara Munsel's creations. Perhaps a ballet style performance art show where the dancers paint with their toe shoes and tutus. Or an afternoon in Paris tasting chocolates, pantomiming and flying kites in the park. It's amazing how my imagination ignites when I look at her stuff. So lovely.