[if only I spoke fluent French]

...then I could read and make all these delicious French recipes on b comme bon.


[more fab kid portraits]

love these. love Claerwen James.


[more halloweeny fashion]

Loving these Halloween appropriate looks by Ghulam Sakima (although I would wear these ensembles any day in the fall, not just on the spooky holiday). So needing some pumpkin colored tights, I do think.


[more great...]

via desire to inspire and design sponge. I'm drooling over that first table. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.


[so lovely]

OK, here's how it's going to go down...I'm going to throw the greatest Halloween bash ever. I'll hire Amy Atlas to do my desert spread and will send out the most magnificent invites hand lettered by Love, Jenna. Yeah, you're so invited.

[yes please]

I'll take this Amy Atlas spread for my next Halloween party, thank you very much.

[feeling it]

I have a 5 + weeks to go before baby #2 gets here. I've been lucky enough to have an uneventful pregnancy so far but let me tell you, the baby is making himself known...both day and night. We're not entirely ready (nursery isn't in order since the move, etc.) but I won't complain if he comes early. I'm already dreaming of all the fall clothing I want to wear when my figure is back to normal...sigh.


[loving this work of art by...]

I really love this painting done by my talented brother-in-law, Trent Gudmunsen. Beautiful colors and brush strokes. I could design an entire room around this.


{studio inspiration via...}

With the new move I'm in need of creating a new studio space. We are fortunate enough to have a little garage out back that will be the perfect spot. I'm loving this vintage industrial look that d.sharp has going on here. The organization and look of things would be so inspiring to me. I love how she used old loaf pans for storage. So innovative.


[need these]

...funny how quickly some wants just slip up into that need category. I'm finding that shoes (these frye boots in particular) really make their way up there...what with me being pregnant and all...and I can only outfit my figure in so many ways. (ok, who am I kidding, pregnant or not, shoes have always been pushing their way onto my need list ...those pesky things...always taking advantage of my weaknesses).


[once again, the fabulous...]

I really want to do this Matthew Mead 13 days till Halloween advent calender this year. I mean, how great is this? I especially like the idea for this year as it will be a count down to our second child who is due on the holiday. Fun stuff, I tell you.

[on the hunt for a...]

Preferably one in the states...I found this one on a European site but don't want to have to pay overseas shipping or to deal with the exchange rate. I would love one in this exact color too (I've seen this in white at target...but I'm holding out for this blue). If anyone has any ideas, let me know :).

[great French clothing line]

I'm loving the French clothing line antik batik and am especially taken with their children's wear. Charming.


[for my wall]

My mother has a sign up in her home that reads "Love is Spoken Here". I love the saying but the sign wasn't really done in my style so I decided to create my own version. I think I'll go with the blue but I love it in pink as well.


[custom portraits]

Check out these lovely little portraits by kiki & polly that you could have done of your little one(s). Digging them.


[spooky etsy find]

too adorable. want to gobble them up.


[um...I'll take one of these please]

Ok, but how great is this? I think I just found my ultimate dream rocker. I really don't think it's too much to ask for, do you?

[getting into the spooky spirit]

Like my sister, I like to get into the Halloween spirit as soon as possible and this year is particularly special because my second son is due on Oct. 31 (I bought the little bat boy figurine in honor of his upcoming birthday). Because of this I really want to be sure to get my Halloween celebrating in swing before things get to hectic so that my 2 year old will still be able to experience the holiday. This year I'm really liking white as a back drop to all of my black Halloween touches. What are your decorating ideas for this year?


[love these]

Thanks miss cellaneous for the lovely inspiration. I really like these vintage storage units and would love to have something like this for the home office.


[we need your opinion]

My actor husband, Jon Liddiard, just got a new slew of headshots and he needs your help in picking which one to go with. Fabulous photographer, Jared Wilson, has posted 10 pics on his blog and is conducting a poll. Please make a comment letting us know which one you like best. It would help us out a lot.



[wanting to make my own version of these]

I'm thinking I could hit up a thrift store and get a bunch of miss matched wooden chairs, paint them black and then add these fabulous numbers on the back. Voila...I would have my very own d.i.y. pottery barn chairs...and for oh so much less.