Romantic Homes - Paris Style

I want this sofa! Lose the dead cat and this room would be perfect!

I'd take this room above exactly as is. C'est Magnifique

The April 07 issue of Romantic Homes was all about Paris. They had some great stuff. I love a lot of the elements of Parisian style but it's not 100% me. I would mix it up and make it much more eclectic and a little less stuffy. Things I do love and want to take from this style:
1. Antique portraiture
2. White bust statues (I really want to find one of Shakespeare for Jon)
3. Baroque elements - crown molding, frames, furniture, etc. (I like it when these are re-interpreted in a modern, eclectic way, but the vintage feel is also great)
3. Louis XV Arm Chairs (these are a great classic. I like it when they are mixed with an unexpected fabric).
4. Basically all Parisian furniture so long as it's not too over done with gold embellishments. These formal sofas are to die for!

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