bag craving

Ok, but I just had a series of heart palpitations. I just found this incredible Yves Saint Laurent Downtown bag (seen here in white on the spring 2006 runway) online at the Bag Addiction (very fitting don't you think ;) ) for a fraction of the regular retail price! I first laid eyes on it while playing the bag-o-rama game at bluefly.com (throw a virtual dart at a bag to try and win it) and then in the April 07 issue of Allure. I loved it immediately. I have been looking for a bag to take to Paris. After the several plane trips I've taken I know that really need a travel bag that can be both diaper bag/purse/carry-all that I can take on board with me (and ideally stow under the seat). I want this to be the same bag that I then carry with me around town (I'm pretty picking about not having to take my personal belongings (wallet, keys, ipod, etc.) in and out of bags to travel and it's not sensible for me to carry a smaller bag that can fit in a tote because getting off the plane I'll just need the larger one again for Atticus' diapers, bottles, etc. So, I want a two in one and I'm hoping this just might do the trick. I'm thinking this has my 29th birthday written all over it :). I'm trying to decide between patten leather black or brown. Thoughts? I do have a lot of black bags already...but it is a classic color...

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