Love me some of that Anna Sui

These are some of my fav's from the Anna Sui spring 2007 collection. She's always been one of my fav's. She captures that boho/rock star look I love so much. I really love the styling and layering going on in the top right pic. I especially love the cropped socks she puts under her platform sandles. I'm so going to do that this spring/summer (it will also help with the perspiration problems I always have in sandles ;)). Of course I'm always a sucker for ripped nylon leggings.


  1. so I have to make a clarification, the two pics on the right are from Anna's fall 2007 collection and the 2 on the right are from here spring. Sorry to confuse anyone

  2. Mer
    re-read that comment you posted and then clarify some more :D
    hee hee