and a few more...

Donna Karen, Hammish More and Hoss Intropia also had some great shapes and draping.


  1. I'm just in love with the second picture, thats right there is my next church dress.

    -ok so it's the weirdest one of them all but you must seriously look at tons of runway pictures my dear.

  2. I do. It's my new addiction. So are you making fun of the second one? or do you really like it? Come on, take away the star trek headdress and it could be really cool.

  3. I was making fun of it, the ster trek headdress and all.

    But I do like the last two pictures, they make me want to go to the beach.

  4. Now Carianne, I had a wise friend once tell me that you had to feel just a little bit silly to be truly fashionable. You have to be willing to go just a little bit over the edge for it to work and to be fun. So come on, I think you'd look great in the headdress. I think I'll make one for you for your birthday ;).

    Ok, so I was just trying to show the trend of large, drapey fabric. Doesn't mean I want to wear everything I show. And I must educate you in that a fashion show is just that...a "show". It's meant to be theatrical and more than just a little bit over the top. If you go and look at what the designers later put in magazine print ads, etc.. they are much more wearable so far as the styling goes because they are selling to the public. The fashion shows are for those in the industry that see fashion every day and need something to knock them off their seats. Make sense? Being as I love both theater and fashion, I LOVE the runway and all it's craziness. I would love to attend a show sometime.