Atticus in the grass

I went to California over the weekend to see my Aunt Marveen who has unfortunately been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a somber weekend yet I was very glad for the opportunity to go. While there, in the blazing heat (way too hot for early March if you ask me), Atticus got his first real go in the grass. He has been around grass a lot but when he was old enough to crawl it was either too cold outside or there was snow on the ground or both. Anyway, he loved it after the initial prickly shock. I think he's so cute here exploring the ground and tasting the leaves :).


  1. Atticus, you are SOOOOOOO cute!

    The UNCLE Ke-ton boy lubs you!

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  3. I love the Atticus boy toooo!
    He was really good in Claifornia.

    (ok so I have a blog on blogger but I've never been able to put any pictures on it, how do you do it?)