[weekend update]

Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes! It really helped to make the weekend great. I wanted to give you a brief update on how lovely my birthday was (even if I am a year over thirty...). I received a fantastically wrapped gift form my two little boys with an illustration on it by my very favorite three year old (is he incredible or what?!). In it was the book My First, by Eva Montanari, which is so beautifully illustrated and loads of fun. I also received some Harajuku Lovers perfume wrapped so lovingly by my husband who obviously knows I love craft paper and ribbons (his interpretation had me laughing out loud...in a delightful way). Other fun items such as head bands and fun shirts (that just happen to match my spring palette) presented themselves as well. Jon also made some fabulous French bakery type bread that day which was just perfect.
And of course...the mega gift...a day (which turned into spurts of hours over an entire weekend) of sewing and painting. The above items are still a work in progress (I have some puckering issues with the dress collar that I need to work out and more painting to do) but I'm happy with the time I had to spend on these projects and can't wait to finish them up. A girl couldn't ask for more.

Thank you again to all who made my day so splendid!


  1. Happy be-lated Birthday! I love the dress you are making. Press along and work out those puckering issues because it will be beautiful.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Your blog is lovely :)

  3. happy birthday, dear friend, it looks like it was splendid!!

  4. Happy birhtday again! Look at all the fun you had this weekend! You're a lucky girl!

  5. i love the dress, can't wait to see it completed.
    your painting is gorgeous!
    glad that your day was wonderful.

  6. looks like so much fun...and i love love love your creations
    i can't believe the shirt is from forever 21...it looked crazy expensive in your pic...love it

  7. That looks like I really great dress! I'm impressed that you MADE it!

  8. gosh, your blog is pretty to look at! happy belated birthday! sounds like it was fantastic. i love your son's drawing. ohhhh so cute and sweet.

    glad i found your blog so i can follow along from now on! :)

    oh and for the record, i think you should definitely go for the flapper-esque headband look. it looked lovely on you!

    xo, jasmine

  9. OMG I looove that dress! What material is the fabric? It looks stunning!

  10. Your fabric choice for that dress is too wonderful.

  11. I love the dress! You've done a great job. The painting is incredible too, but I already knew how awesome you were at that craft.

  12. OH! I missed your birthday! Happy, happy belated one my dear! And what lovely gifts, a lovely day and....um...I need dresses and paintings by you!
    I am very serious!

  13. You are stinkin' RAD, and the painting her is the RADDEST! LOOOOVE it!