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This post on family photos by Garance Doré is wonderful. I especially love the part about making up your own family myths, such as your grandmother being the most beautiful woman in the town. Thank you Garance! I'm off to scour my own family photos and to start my own little seeds of magical myths.


  1. sweet - i was actually looking through my own family snaps the other day with my sister-in-law. sadly, though, there was more hysterical laughter than whimsical nostalgia due to bad 80s hair and appalling fashion sense! i'll have to go through the grandparents' photo box for the storytelling - i love being transported to my nana's era through her stories and images.

  2. Makes me think of 'Everything is Illuminated,' especially in reference to those myths.

  3. this is so sweet about her grandmother! also, i'll be posting your LOVELY peter pan party on Cookie Magazine's blog and on my personal blog Cup of Jo on monday--so amazing!

  4. Your blog is just adorable! I'm so glad I've found it. This image is so inspiring x