[shop update]

OK, so technically it's not morning anymore...but I'm going to try and devote Tuesday mornings to my Tuesday Mourning shop updates (at least the first Tuesday of the month if not every Tuesday) and share fun finds and crafty endeavors with you the rest of the week. Today I wanted to share with you my Peter Pan invites so that you too can have a magical Neverland party! Hop on over here and check it out!


  1. ooh. these are perfect, just perfect. i love peter pan--the book is an all time favorite of mine, so i just may work on gently convincing my kids they need a pan party.

  2. Darling your work is just beautiful.
    Where do you get your printing done, it is such high quality. Do you do it yourself?

  3. Hi Mer! I found you through Decor8! Congrats for the shout-out =) You have a pretty blog -- it's like a comfy chair I want to sit on all day!

  4. These are adorable! I would love to see a corrresponing Wendy or Tinkerbell set for a little girl's party. (I have a 6 month old girl...just thinking ahead!) :)

  5. amazing! love the splashes of color with the type.

  6. These are brilliant. Love the idea which you’ve executed perfectly. Great work. My recent post is dedicated to your graphite portraits:


    Keep up the good work.