[art fix]

Before having children I'd dream of taking my darling, quiet and adoring children to the library. There they would search the endless stacks of bound treasures with reverent wonder. Together we would select some of our favorite finds and travel off to imaginary places as I read to them in a quiet, tucked away nook.

Well...with my spirited, yet still darling, three year old, our library jaunts are anything but dream like. Little A has had an obsession with puzzles for some time now...and as most library's are outfitted with such novelties, we are immediately pulled to that corner with incredible magnetic force. When attempting to leave said corner to peruse, fits are had and red faced mom gives into defiant toddler (we've tried to discuss this issue prior to library outings many times...but that is another story for another mommy blog...).


Not wanting to leave triumphant little A by himself in the puzzle corner I'm stuck looking for books with authors at the end of the alphabet, particularly in the W's, which reside directly across from puzzle paradise. Most of the time I'm satisfied enough for bedtime stories but every once in a while I'll find a treasure. My most recent library adventure unearthed such a gem in the form of author/illustrator Brian Wildsmith. Wow. How did I not know about this guy? Needless to say, I gobbled up as many Wildsmith books my stroller could handle and left the library smiling, oblivious to all kicking and screaming protests.


Aren't his illustrations just beautiful? Little A (who loves the books once they are at home) enjoyed them thoroughly and wanted me to read Animal Shapes over and over again. He was so taken with the different ways in which Wildsmith portrays his animals. I personally am very much into his color palette and intoxicating use of shapes.



I'm so happy to have found his work. He certainly ranks high on my most inspiring illustrator list at the moment. And it's all thanks to Little A and his fixation with puzzles.


  1. I found his "The Lion and the Mouse" at a book sale last year.... the most brightly gorgeous book ever.

  2. is that last image from "Professor Noah's Spaceship"? It was one of my books when I was tiny, and I remember looking at the beautiful illustrations over and over, but I never knew who illustrated it. Thanks a lot! I think his work is incredible, too.

  3. Deanna, yes, That's the book! Isn't it great? I'm thinking I have to get a used copy somewhere.

  4. i hate to say it, but i heard of him first at OLD NAVY who started carrying his books and puzzles and stuff. i love it too!

  5. what fantastic illustrations. that rooster!