[heading out for...]


I'm heading out for and early wedding weekend in Chicago. My dear friend Kari, who runs the marvelous fashion site Above the Fray, is getting married and I'm to be one of her bridesmaids. It will be so great to see her and many other friends. I must admit however that I am also a bit melancholy. I recently realized that I will be leaving my two little ones for the first time ever! Not only have I never left baby O's side, I've also never been away from little A (my three year old) for more than say...5 hours! Crazy, I know. It's time I guess.

It will be fun, and I know Jon will be great with the littles...sigh...and weddings are oh so delightful.


  1. I remember the angst about leaving my kiddo's. It's not easy. Just keep telling yourself, it's harder on you than them!! You'll have a blast & it will all be worth while.

    Happy Times (:

  2. I found your link on my friend's blog ElleBows. Love your work. I can't wait to see more stuff on Etsy. i'd love to get a drawing of my daughter done.


  3. oh good - i'm not the only one who dreads leaving their kids. all good if you're kept busy, which you no doubt will be. have a great time, with a dress like that, i have a feeling it's going to be a stunning wedding!