For Baby: Stocking up on Statements and Staples Part 2

I can't believe it's less than two months before baby girl will be here! Where has the time gone to? I feel like I'm not even close to being ready, in so many ways. And for a while there, I felt like I had nothing for her to really wear when she finally did arrive!!MerMagStatementandStapleswithPolarnOPyret2
But thanks to some of my favorite clothing lines, I've been able to gradually stock up on a great selection of statements and staples for our little baby girl on the way. Polarn O Pyret, just happens to be one of those clothing lines that I just can't get enough of. Can I just say that I'm am slightly obsessed with their clothing? They are so darling and equally durable.
I really love the brightly colored and patterned scandinavian flair that they have to a lot of their clothing. I also love how so many of their uni clothing items can easily swap between boys and girls, making these that much easier for us moms. In fact, one of my all time favorite shirts that I have from Polarn was initially purchased for my boys. You can see it here in our Christmas book advent calendar post. I can't tell you how many inquiries I've received about this shirt. I'm so in love with it and now that neither of my boys really fit it anymore, I can't wait to pass it on down to my little lady someday!
My dear friend Meta (who shot these adorable pics) is also a big fan of Polarn O. Pyret and so we decided to pool together a selection of girl clothes from them for this little photo shoot. And of course kid's clothing is just so much more adorable on cute little bodies, so we pulled in a few of our little friends, including Meta's daughter, to show these fun and colorful staples off.
Another versatile aspect of Polarn clothing, is it's sizing. Just look at how this darling turquoise polka-dotted dress (worn by a four year old in the top pics) transitions right into a shirt for a six year old.
Perfectly brilliant.
And the last thing about Polarn that I'm super into is their really great sales! Who doesn't love a killer sale, right? I think I need a few more back-to-school items for the boys and this 70% off summer clearance sale looks like just the ticket.

And speaking of back-to-school...are you even ready yet? I took Little O to his preschool Meet-the-Teacher day today and I just about cried (both out of how big my little guys is getting and because the place is just so darn cute...and I'm sure being pregnant had something to do with it). I still feel like I have so much to do before school starts, but ready or not, it's coming!

(*photo credit Meta Coleman of One More Mushroom).


  1. Kids have such fun clothing. Wonderful! A baby girl to dress in all these cute clothes. I love the yellow sweater. And polka dots are so fun. What a lovely photo shoot. The mushroom toy is a great part of these photos. I'd love to use it to decorate my space.

  2. Where is that mushroom from? I am dying over it, it is so cute!