Featured in Create With Me magazine

Have you come across the new and inspiring periodical, Create with Me? It covers artistic adventures with children and invites you to get in on all the fun with your little ones. If not, you are in for a real treat.
We have enjoyed looking at all the creative ideas that so many great bloggers (and their little ones) have contributed to the first Create With Me, June 2011, issue. So when we were asked to contribute our Triangle Stenciled Shirt project...
and our Color Theory Valentines to the Winter 2012, issue, we were more than delighted to jump in on all the fun!
I have to say that one of the most fun things was showing my littles the magazine. I sat down with them and told them, "OK boys, let's look at this magazine and see all the super fun stuff we can create together." So we went through each project, page by page until we happened upon our Triangle Freezer Paper Stencil project. Little A just started giggling out of control and aksed, in between gasps of giggles, "What am I doing in a magazine?". Little O started giggling as well when he saw himself, seated beside Little A, and pretty soon the whole lot of us were in stitches. And then when we later happened upon our Color Theory Valentines, well the boys just nearly fell on the floor. I had no idea how surprised and delighted they would be about seeing their projects in print. It was such a fun moment for us all.

And now, after reading the articles, I have to make sure I remember to follow up on my promise to provide many a color theory lesson for my littles in the future. And being as I do in fact have a few ideas up my sleeve that I've been dying to delve into, I can't say I mind so terribly much...


  1. That made me laugh too! I hope they are enjoying being famous!

  2. I love how they reacted when they saw themselves in the magazine. That is super adorable! Cute boys of yours.

  3. This is SO EXCITING! you are big time! congrats. it looks awesome! xo

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Going out to get my copy! xo

  5. These are such beautiful cards! And how fun for the boys to see themselves in the mag. Kid giggles are the best!