[the gifts of 2010]


Jon and I decided we would loosely follow last year's $0 gift giving theme for Christmas 2010. Meaning: we would try create the gift with little or no $ but spending a little on supplies, etc. was allowed, if needed. I decided on a simple paper cut heart with a little saying that was meaningful to our family.

Our little family has a tradition of cranking up the music and joining together in an impromptu dance party. We do this whenever anyone initiates it. Someone cranks up a song and all are expected to stop whatever we are doing and go over to where the music is (typically on Jon's computer) and dance, dance, dance! One of our all time favorite dance party songs is the Yo Gabba Gabba's "Lovely, Love my Family" perfromed by the Roots.

So it only seemed fitting to use this song title for my gift. Jon loved it and we added it to our ever expanding wall of art (which is incredibly difficult to photograph well due to our "napping house" quality of light we've got going on here as well as the iridescent paint that the previous tenant put on the walls - which is very reflective...and I'm too lazy to repaint it...).


I also gave Jon a book of our 2010 Christmas photo shoot. There were so many great photos, thanks to Jordan, that needed to be recorded and enjoyed for years to come. I hadn't completed the heart cut out when I ordered the book so I simply added the title using type (although I wish it had the custom cut out letters).

The book did not fit into the $0 gift theme but I have to say I'm pretty proud of how much I did pay for it. I managed to purchase a $50 blurb voucher via Jasmere for $22 (score!) back in October. I was able to get a 12x12 inch book with the voucher and I couldn't be happier. I did end up paying a little more for matte pages, but with the discount, it was all still very affordable.

What a great way to record the happiness of this past year!


  1. WOW! your blog is amazing, your artwork is very beautiful too :)

  2. What beautiful gifts! I'm thinking of getting our wedding pictures made into a book like this.

    And I love the artwork you did - what I want to know is how did you do it? I'd love to make something like this for my husband for his b'day. x

  3. This book is a wonderful idea and great present just like the photos!

  4. I love this! You have such a unique style!

  5. you always come up with the raddest stuff! love this book and the $0 present idea. the photo shoot is just awesome.

  6. how adorable...we are big time yo gabba gabba fans here too, and of that very song, a close second though to jack black...

    your cut out is so great...i want to try my hand at one...


  7. I'm loving that idea of 0 dollar gifts...and the photo book is looking so great such a lovely way to save your precious family pictures!

  8. wow! I love it! The photos couldn't have been more perfect.