[gobble, gobble, strut, strut...]

Meet Abe (as Little A has dubbed him). Perhaps he's not that proud - he is a little awkward around the feathers after all. But we're happy about it as it saved him from the chopping block and has allowed him to come and live with us. I do believe Abe will be the only stuffed turkey at our Thanksgiving table who will not be eaten. Phew.
OK, so this is my first time creating a softie in three dimensional form (as in not just two pieces of fabric sewn back to back). I wasn't at all sure of what I was doing but I stole a few tricks from the hat I made for A's sailor costume and then just tried to "wing" it from there.
Speaking of wings, I had a hard time getting Abe's feathers to stand up straight so I ended up sewing them closer to his body. As I mentioned earlier, it's a bit awkward, but we're fine with it. I was also able to use some of that hand-drawn fabric I created a while back which is very fun to see in action.

One stuffed turkey down, one to go. Well on my way to making way for Christmas.


  1. you've done an awesome job here!!
    it's really cute!

  2. Abe is adorable! Love the fabric choices.

  3. This is so CUTE! You should make these to sell in a shop. It's so hard to find Thanksgiving decorations these days. It seems like the stores just went straight from Halloween to Christmas, skipping Thanksgiving!

  4. love the use of your hand drawn fabric! super cute, watch out Amy Butler!

  5. Abe is very cute! The hand drawn fabric looks fabulous. Well done!

  6. You are one talented chiquitita with handsome lil boys. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is really beautiful!!! i love it*_*