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We all need little spots in our homes that make us smile when we pass by them. This simple necklace display is just such a spot for me. I know it's only a little thing, but it makes me happy to look at. I think we all need mini spaces like this, don't you?

What are some spaces/displays in your home that make you smile to look at? I'd love for you to take a snap shot and then comment here with a link to your photo. Then we can all share in the joy of the little things!


  1. I definitely want one of those in my future house/apartment whatever it is. I've seen it from some other interior design blog and just love the idea!

  2. I like your idea mer! here is my smile place http://buggsby.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-smile-place.html

  3. I recently used the hooks where my necklaces had been hanging for a couple of purses. & I adore how it looks in the corner with the light.

    I do intend to get more hooks for my necklaces!

  4. we have a craft table in our basement that my husband made for me. he had a custom faux bois formica made for the top. i just love looking at it.


  5. while pregnant with my daughter i drew a silhouette of my pregnant body on a chalkboard canvas. everytime i see it, i smile - i have such great pregnancies and it always reminds me of that special time. here are some pics

  6. I love this idea. Your jewellery becomes a decorative pieces for the house as well!

  7. really sweet necklace display. i did something similar in my last place and it worked well and looked pretty.

  8. i do agree, i agree 100% ... i so agree!!! haha+ i guess you got how much i agree with you, right? it's amazing, i got a earring stand myself and whenever i look at it, it makes me feel 1000 times happier.

    you might like my earring stand on my flickr account, check it out: