[color cues: focusing in on the...]

I recently purchased what just might be my most favorite purse...ever...and I've been so inspired by its colors. The exterior shades of blue and interior marigold yellow are just the right take on their primaries for me.
I also have been purchasing a lot of vintage paper products as of late. This pad of air mail paper really spoke to me. I love the simple cover design and color. Add a few touches of yellow and you've got a great primary color palette.
These are a few ribbons I've been collecting for a project that is mulling around in my head (that I will hopefully one day get around to). Don't you just love the ruler ribbon?


  1. I am totally coveting the ruler ribbon! Are the measurements actually accurate??

  2. wow, love the bag. I could almost eat it.

  3. Where on Earth did you get such a gorgeous bag? I've been looking for a similar one and I'd love a link.

  4. Looove the bag. I think I would take it to bed with me just so I could be close to it.

  5. I just found your blog from a link on the Nadinoo blog...So neat!

    I am in love with that ruler tape.

  6. I meant to tell you how much I liked your bag, but I couldn't get the words out, I was literally shocked by its beauty!!

  7. All of the ribbon is amazing. Those blues are just perfect.

  8. Carolee-the bag is actually from TJ Maxx and is a Roberta Gandolfi (a line I've never heard of but I couldn't pass up).

    As for the ribbons, the ruler ribbon measurements are indeed acurate but only go up to about 42 inches before repeating. I purchased all the ribbon at the craft store Hobby Lobby.

  9. Oh , I love that purse! That's the perfec shade of blue I think.